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Follow path#112

snap the movement of a shape to a given curve

2 years ago
Changed the title from "move on path" to "Follow path"
2 years ago

We’d probably achieve this using our constraint system #152 and add a new constraint that allows you to select a vector path as the target.

2 years ago
Merged Motion Paths#175
2 years ago

Move a shape along a curve is a great thing and it’s a basic stuff.

2 years ago

Is this function available now?

a year ago

@Ka Hoàng No, is not available yet.

a year ago

This would really be awsome!

a year ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
a year ago

Being able to move stuff on an existing path is great because it can allow you to use the same path for another object or visual easily too.

However, I’ve always found that AE’s ability to simply manipulate the spatial curve of key frames directly is far more intuitive.

It would be great to be able to do both, but I believe the second would be more valuable.

Hope that’s helpful feedback.
Great program - I’m still yet to explore it properly.

10 months ago

yeah , This function is very useful

9 months ago

Hi, any ETA on this? Been following it for months

7 months ago

+1. This would be incredibly awesome.

6 months ago

+1 very needed

5 months ago

please make it happen. It gives so much more controle, esp in longer, more complex animations.

4 months ago

Please make it happen.

2 months ago

Any ETA?

a month ago

+1 this is keeping me from migrating my work to Rive

21 days ago

This and the ability to modify an object’s trajectory in viewer

8 days ago