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Unwanted artboard removal#480

This is my userflow:

  • Switching from design tab to animation tab
  • Artboard selection (bcs need to see animations of this artboard)
  • Working with animations, creating new animations.
  • Deleted one animation (clicked delete button on the keyboard). Actually I thought I will delete it, because the name of the animation is highlighted. Now I know that also Artboard highlighted.
  • Artboard was deleted.
  • Pressed cmd+Z
  • Crashed
  • Reloaded the page
  • Deleted artboard wasn’t there. Totaly deleted

I didn’t have big problem bcs I have copy and downloaded rive file. But some last changes were lost.

Deleting works good if delete animation with right click and choose “delete”.

I repeated this scenario and made the video.

2 years ago

If user work with animations then artboard can’t be deleted. If need delete the artboard then need to click again on the artboard. Something like that.

2 years ago


2 years ago

Hi @Tania Magdieva, thanks for reporting! We definitely need to fix that crash, sorry you ran into it. Regarding the backup, you should also be able to use the Revision History option under the main menu to recover an older version of the file.

I think part of what is making this confusing right now is that we don’t highlight the artboard in the Hierarchy when it’s selected. #134

We could prevent you from deleting an artboard in Animate mode (we used to do this in Flare). Our preference would be not to do that, we don’t want to create too many limits.

We think it’s ok for a user to make a mistake, provided they can recover from it without pain. That way they learn the system and have more flexibility.

Let’s see how it feels once we fix this crashing bug!

2 years ago

And thanks for the video, that always helps a lot!

2 years ago

Wow yes, the Revision History is something I missed))) Thank you!

Actually, if cmd Z will work then any mistake become not so significant.

2 years ago

Hey @Guido Rosso , had the exact same problem just now, one year later. Revision history is great! But i’m a rive newbie and hadn’t known about this. There was some racing pulse going on when cmd z didn’t work, tell ya :D really thankful i found this thread!

8 months ago