Another picture from with Ben and Neil.

Ben works on Rocky compliance and is talking about Rocky on Mac and Neil is an infrastructure lead and is talking about networking stuff with network people(tm)!

Oh, how I've missed conferences!

Everyone, please say hello!

This is not a small effort, the FIPS validation alone is a near million dollar investment, and even more including the engineering effort. We are all very grateful for this amazing contribution to the open source community! 🥰

Thank you @CtrlIQ! ♥️♥️♥️

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A big, gigantic thank you to our founding partner and sponsor @CtrlIQ (CIQ), who has arranged and paid for the FIPS validation process and will be providing it back to the entire RESF/Rocky community for free!

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We are excited to announce that Rocky Linux has reached a significant step in the FIPS 140-3 validation process; right on schedule, Rocky Linux is now named in the NIST Implementation Under Test List.

Rocky Linux is at our first conference, YAY!

If you are in the area of please swing by and say hello to Neil and Skip, two of the Rocky team leads and Rocky developers. If you have any questions, they have the answers (and SWAG)!

Hi guys! ♥️♥️

The release of Peridot, along with Rocky Linux 9.0, demonstrates our commitment to free and open source software, the EL community, and the longevity of Rocky Linux.

Rocky Linux is built in the open, by the community, and fully reproducible by everyone, always!

Join the party!

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Along with the release of Rocky Linux 9.0, we will be releasing Peridot, a fully cloud native, Enterprise Linux build service platform.

Peridot is what we are using to build all of Rocky v9 and will enable anybody to build, enhance, and/or reproduce Rocky Linux from scratch.

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Rocky Linux 9.0 is coming soon!

It is really exciting watching the final packages being built for x86_64, ARM, s390x, and PPC64. Once that is done, the repos will be updated and ISOs generated.

Expect the beta release soon and the GA release ASAP after testing!

Also, ...

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[email protected] oneVPL 2022.1 Brings Support For @IntelGraphics Arc A Series, @rocky_linux Linux, Better Multi-GPU

Another seamless upgrade of by the Rocky Linux Infrastructure Team 🔧
Thank you @Mattermost for providing us with such a reliable platform!

We absolutely love getting messages like this. Thank you for spreading the love @fraenksmedia!
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Nothing more to say. It's just wonderful! @rocky_linux

Rocky Linux 8.6 has been released! 🚀

Please see our announcement at for more details.

Come celebrate the release with us on! 🎉

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Got to say is very admirable

I've been installing all types of for ~30 years, and it was painful at times

@rocky_linux has been a treat, quick to install, fast responses to repo requests (sometimes an issue in VMs), shoving on a minimal X was smooth and fast.

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Rocky sponsor CIQ secures $26m funding for CentOS successor via @TheRegister

@rocky_linux gets the funding it needs to keep growing.

We lost someone last night very important to the Linux and open source community and a friend too many.

Life is short, don't wait, be good to everyone and always share love. ♥️♥️♥️

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