Thursday, March 25, 2021

Cool WebGL Stuff, 2021-03-25

 Cool stuff from around the web, as discovered by Khronos' WebGL working group.

  • goodboy™ — operation-tokyo-banana
  • All These Worlds Are Yours
  • The Infinite Drum Machine
  • Godot Engine Web Editor (3.3.0.rc6.official) -
  • AR Synth
  • Gergely Gizella - Full stack development and Illustration - Logartis
  • 3D MaiMai by @Bleddy81
  • d3js data and scales into Three.js
  • Crystal Sculpture by @EncharmDre
  • Blue by ptibogvader
  • Magical mountain shader by @zozuar
  • Pratt & Whitney R-1830 aircraft engine by agnieszka
  • Voxelizer tech demo by @DaniGatunes
  • WebGL 30k particle simulation on hic et nunc by @ge1doot
  • WebGL Plasma in an SVG NFT by @thespite
  • Portalis by @goodboydigital
  • Viewing point clouds in Xeokit
  • Will Eastcott's PlayCanvas presentation from most recent WebGL Meetup
  • Recording of March 2021 WebGL Meetup
  • Xeokit SDK 1.7.1 released
  • SSRPass with envMap by @gonnavis
  • 3D spherical fractal shader by @zozuar
  • Cube lines by morimea
  • Mixing HTML and WebGL in Three.js
  • PlayCanvas v1.40.0 released
  • Orestis 3D pathfinding for PlayCanvas v2 released
  • Template for interactive WebGL shaders on hic et nunc by @thespite
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