Thursday, April 8, 2021

Cool WebGL Stuff, 2021-04-08

 Cool stuff from around the web, discovered by Khronos' WebGL working group.

  • PlenOctrees for Real-time Rendering of Neural Radiance Fields -
  • Sparse Neural Radiance Grid (SNeRG)
  • declarative mini game library
  • FMS-Cat/condition: A 64KB WebGL Intro. Appeared in Revision 2021
  • Penderecki's Garden
  • GenomeSpy
  • Volkswagen Mexico virtual studio
  • Point cloud ray tracing by @trierman
  • Sketchfab reaches 5 million members!
  • Stylized WW1 Plane by AntijnvanderGun
  • Shadertoy featured shaders of March 25
  • Fake volumetric point light by @mlperego
  • Slime simulation by @greggman
  • Instant Googly Eyes by @DerSchmale
  • released
  • WebXR procedural spline-based flowers by @EvgenyDemidov
  • GenomeSpy: WebGL-accelerated visualization tool
  • Three.js r127 released
  • 3D models by falk on Sketchfab
  • Mebius by @darling_arts
  • "Smooth Symmetric Polar Mod" by @paulofalcao
  • 9 different modes of V/FLOW-01-01 by @voorbeeld
  • Animated fractal by @gaziya5
  • Shadertoy featured shaders of March 31
  • Animated clouds by @zozuar
  • Animated grass in Babylon.js by @skaven_
  • Kingsman by @The_Araon
  • Tornado by @zozuar
  • Ntamak Island - Final Scene by @yuguhtrrh
  • Volkswagen Virtual Studio Experience
  • 'Neon Dance' by Kali
  • mrdoob/three.js fastest growing top 100 software repo on Github last week
  • 4KB procedural Shadertoy for Revision Party by @NuSan_fx
  • You Are Here by @tdhooper
  • Tetrahedral Voxel Traversal by fizzer
  • 2nd day of "36 Days of Type" by @fradingue
  • Sun rays & clouds by @zozuar
  • Another troisjs example by @soju22
  • Perseverance Rover's landing site in AreoBrowser
  • Shadertoy featured shaders of April 7
  • Thursday, March 25, 2021

    Cool WebGL Stuff, 2021-03-25

     Cool stuff from around the web, as discovered by Khronos' WebGL working group.

  • goodboy™ — operation-tokyo-banana
  • All These Worlds Are Yours
  • The Infinite Drum Machine
  • Godot Engine Web Editor (3.3.0.rc6.official) -
  • AR Synth
  • Gergely Gizella - Full stack development and Illustration - Logartis
  • 3D MaiMai by @Bleddy81
  • d3js data and scales into Three.js
  • Crystal Sculpture by @EncharmDre
  • Blue by ptibogvader
  • Magical mountain shader by @zozuar
  • Pratt & Whitney R-1830 aircraft engine by agnieszka
  • Voxelizer tech demo by @DaniGatunes
  • WebGL 30k particle simulation on hic et nunc by @ge1doot
  • WebGL Plasma in an SVG NFT by @thespite
  • Portalis by @goodboydigital
  • Viewing point clouds in Xeokit
  • Will Eastcott's PlayCanvas presentation from most recent WebGL Meetup
  • Recording of March 2021 WebGL Meetup
  • Xeokit SDK 1.7.1 released
  • SSRPass with envMap by @gonnavis
  • 3D spherical fractal shader by @zozuar
  • Cube lines by morimea
  • Mixing HTML and WebGL in Three.js
  • PlayCanvas v1.40.0 released
  • Orestis 3D pathfinding for PlayCanvas v2 released
  • Template for interactive WebGL shaders on hic et nunc by @thespite
  • Thursday, March 11, 2021

    Cool WebGL Stuff, 2021-03-11

     Cool stuff from around the web, discovered by Khronos' WebGL working group.

    Thursday, February 25, 2021

    Cool WebGL Stuff, 2021-02-25

     Cool stuff from around the web, discovered by Khronos' WebGL working group.

  • Wonderland engine
    • WEBGL_multi_draw: ~10-20% CPU perf improvements, but more importantly save 50-80% of mesh data on the GPU and finally am able to implement culling or LODs efficiently. (Only on non-threaded environments, though, as the extension expects non-shared memory as mentioned on the emscripten PR also).
  • NASA used Three.js and WebGL to visualize the Mars Perseverance rover landing!
  • @dotbigbang is hiring!
  • Using @_binomial's Basis and @glTF3D to rebuild the Star-Lord PBR Demo
  • Pagani Huayra Tricolore 2021 by SQUIR3D
  • Beirut port silos 3D model using 500 photos and #photogrammetry in @RealityCapture_
  • Quadcopter DJI Matrice 300 RTK by 19vitali99
  • Verge3D for Maya v3.6 and Verge3D Ultimate released
  • Fairer Tomorrow by Lusion
  • Minimalist grid based water solution by @Mirko_Salm
  • Metacurves by @igneus
  • GravitySensor now supported in Generic Sensor API
  • First public version of Silk Brush - Tilt Brush on the web - now available
  • Skateboard [ Globe: DOWN IN FLAMES ] by @JackMcGames
  • shader animation tool released
  • Three.js r126 released
  • WebGL Meetup March 17
  • Dab Motors’ PlayCanvas-based configurator
  • Thursday, January 14, 2021

    Cool WebGL Stuff, 2021-01-14

     Cool stuff from around the web, discovered by Khronos' WebGL working group.