The Arctic Code Vault within the Arctic World Archive, open and empty, showing GitHub signature plaque.

“If you don’t make it beautiful, it’s for sure doomed”: putting the Vault in GitHub’s Arctic Code Vault

GitHub this month installed a massive steel vault, etched with striking AI-generated art, deep within an Arctic mountain, finalizing its Arctic Code Vault. This vault contains the 188 reels of hardened archival film which will preserve the 02/02/2020 snapshot of every active public GitHub repository for 1,000 years. It also now includes a Tech Tree, a human-readable selection of works describing software, computers, and their foundational technologies, along with full-text copies of Wikipedia, Stack Overflow, and other data sources.

Jon Evans
Join us for OctogatosConf 2022

Join us for OctogatosConf 2022

Live on September 15, 2022, with talks by industry experts in Spanish, Portuguese, and English, on topics including software development, security, technical project management, community, open source, professional development and best practices.

Andrea Griffiths
Release Radar · August 2022 Edition

Release Radar · August 2022 Edition

We've been gearing up to launch GitHub Universe 2022 and our community has been launching cool projects left right and center.  These projects include everything from world-changing technology to developer…

Michelle Mannering