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FRAK WebGL Engine

FRAK engine is a JavaScript library/API for creating interactive 3D applications using WebGL. The purpose of the library is to provide a framework for simplifying the creation of complex interactive 3D applications.

FRAK engine was developed by 3D Technologies R&D for 3D Wayfinder. 3D Wayfinder is a floor plan visualization and content management platform, mainly used for wayfinding applications.


  • Deferred renderer
    • requires WEBGL_draw_buffers
  • Order-independent transparency (paper)
  • Real-time shadows
  • Dynamic textures
  • Post-processing pipeline
    • includes FXAA and SSAO implementations
  • Unicode fonts
  • Collision detection
    • Currently supports ray-intersection tests only
    • Collision trees need to be pre-generated by an external tool
  • Input: supports both keyboard+mouse and touch configurations
  • Automatic resource caching
  • Automatic loading of related resources
  • Supported assets:
    • Shaders: GLSL
    • Textures: JPEG, PNG
    • Models: Custom binary data format, JSON
    • Fonts: Canvas text API



The scene graph is a tree made up of instances of Node (or EmptyNode, if no spacial positioning is desired). Each node can contain any number of Component instances. The function of a Component class is not limited. For example it can act as an input controller (Controller) or as a billboard (Billboard) or simply as each node's relative transformation in the scene hierarchy (Transform).

More examples of component implementations can be seen under src/scene/components/