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Can I email… provides email clients support tables for HTML and CSS features.

Can I email runs on Jekyll as GitHub Pages site with a home made theme. The site uses Sass for CSS compilation.


  1. Clone the repository.
git clone

See Cloning a repository on GitHub documentation. If you're not familiar with Git or GitHub, I strongly encourage you to try GitHub's desktop app on macOS, Windows or Linux.

  1. Install Jekyll and other dependencies.
bundle install

See Jekyll Installation Guide.

  1. Run Jekyll.
bundle exec jekyll serve

You can turn on incremental regeneration with the --incremental flag.

bundle exec jekyll serve --incremental

The embed version of the site ( is built by specifiying the config file to use.

bundle exec jekyll serve --config _config.embed.yml
  1. Go to http://localhost:4000.


Folders structure

Here is a quick overview of the project's folders structure:

  • Data:

    • _data: Data files used throughout the site. This is mainly for settings and labels.
    • _features: Data for every HTML and CSS features support.
    • _posts: Data for the latest news.
    • tests: HTML tests files to test HTML and CSS features.
  • Layout:

    • _includes: Files included in other theme files.
    • _layouts: The main layouts of the site.
    • _sass: Sass files. All files will be compiled into one in the assets/css/ folder.
    • assets: CSS, images, and JavaScript files.


MIT Licence