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OpenCL-SDK (in development)

This is the Khronos OpenCL SDK. It brings together all the components needed to develop OpenCL applications:

  • OpenCL Headers (include/api)
  • OpenCL C++ bindings (include/cpp)
  • OpenCL Loader
  • OpenCL utility library (include/utils)

It also contains resources useful to OpenCL developers:

  • Code samples (samples/)
  • Documentation (docs/)

Setting Up the SDK

This repository uses sub-modules for the OpenCL Headers, OpenCL C++ bindings, and OpenCL ICD Loader.

To clone a new repository with all sub-modules included, use the --recursive option. Note that this option clones all sub-modules and their dependencies, which are not required for the OpenCL SDK:

$ git clone --recursive

Alternatively, to clone only the sub-modules for the OpenCL SDK, first clone this repository without sub-modules included:

$ git clone

Then setup sub-modules:

$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

Building the Samples

This repository uses CMake as its build system. The suggested build directory is build.

To generate build files, use for example:

$ mkdir build && cd build
$ cmake ..

Then build with the generated build files.