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Changelog for OpenXR-SDK-Source and OpenXR-SDK Repo

Update log for the OpenXR-SDK-Source and OpenXR-SDK repo on GitHub. Updates are in reverse chronological order starting with the latest public release.

Note that only changes relating to the loader and some of the build changes will affect the OpenXR-SDK repository.

This summarizes the periodic public updates, not individual commits. Updates on GitHub are generally done as single large patches at the release point, collecting together the resolution of many Khronos internal issues, along with any public pull requests that have been accepted. In this repository in particular, since it is primarily software, pull requests may be integrated as they are accepted even between periodic updates.

OpenXR SDK 1.0.24 (2022-06-23)

OpenXR SDK 1.0.23 (2022-05-27)

This release primarily features a large number of new vendor and multi-vendor extensions, as well as some updates to existing extensions. Some improvements and fixes were made in SDK as well.

  • Registry
    • Add new XR_ULTRALEAP_hand_tracking_forearm vendor extension. (internal MR 2154)
    • Add new XR_EXT_dpad_binding multi-vendor extension. (internal MR 2159)
    • Add "externally synchronized" markup for xrBeginFrame and xrEndFrame so they get the matching box and their session parameters are included in the list of externally-synchronized parameters in the "Threading" section. (internal MR 2179, OpenXR-Docs issue 23, internal issue 1216)
    • Add new XR_FB_spatial_entity vendor extension. (internal MR 2194)
    • Add new XR_FB_spatial_entity_storage vendor extension. (internal MR 2194)
    • Add new XR_FB_spatial_entity_query vendor extension. (internal MR 2194)
    • Add new XR_FB_composition_layer_settings vendor extension. (internal MR 2221)
    • Add new XR_FB_spatial_entity_container vendor extension. (internal MR 2236)
    • Add new XR_HTC_vive_wrist_tracker_interaction vendor extension. (internal MR 2252)
    • Add XR_HTC_hand_interaction extension. (internal MR 2254)
    • Add new XR_VARJO_view_offset vendor extension. (internal MR 2255)
    • Add new XR_META_performance_metrics vendor extension. (internal MR 2256)
    • Add new XR_META_vulkan_swapchain_create_info vendor extension. (internal MR 2257)
    • Change the XML type of XR_MIN_COMPOSITION_LAYERS_SUPPORTED so it outputs an includable snippet for the spec text. (internal MR 2201, internal issue 1652, OpenXR-Docs issue 117)
    • Fix registry consistency script and codegen scripts to allow extension of KHR and EXT enumerations with vendor-specific members. (internal MR 2213, internal MR 2243)
    • Fix warning print statement arguments in header generation/validation script. (internal MR 2244)
    • Reserve the extension number for multi-vendor hand interaction profile extension. (internal MR 2206)
    • Reserve vendor extensions 304-317 for Qualcomm (internal MR 2258)
    • Reserve vendor extensions 318-370 for HTC. (internal MR 2266)
    • KHR_composition_layer_depth: Update spec version to 6 for updated spec text. (internal MR 2207, internal issue 1651)
    • XR_EXT_eye_gaze_interaction: Update the spec version for spec text change. (internal MR 2227)
    • XR_EXT_uuid: Add enum tags to XR_UUID_SIZE_EXT to ensure it is defined before XrUuidEXT in generated header (internal MR 2234, internal issue 1673)
    • XR_FB_hand_aim_tracking, XR_FB_hand_tracking_capsule, XR_FB_hand_tracking_mesh: Fix documentation to specify correct next chain usage. (internal MR 2229)
    • XR_FB_hand_tracking_capsules: Update XrHandCapsuleFB and XrHandTrackingCapsulesStateFB to use XR_HAND_TRACKING_CAPSULE_POINT_COUNT_FB and XR_HAND_TRACKING_CAPSULE_COUNT_FB enums when defining arrays so they match the usual practice for vendor extensions (internal MR 2216)
    • XR_FB_passthrough_keyboard_hands: Add XR_PASSTHROUGH_LAYER_PURPOSE_TRACKED_KEYBOARD_MASKED_HANDS_FB, update spec version to 2. (internal MR 2270)
    • XR_FB_passthrough: add XrPassthroughBrightnessContrastSaturationFB, update spec version to 2 (internal MR 2222)
    • XR_FB_render_model: Add capability support levels, bump spec version to 2. (internal MR 2264)
    • XR_FB_space_warp: Add XR_COMPOSITION_LAYER_SPACE_WARP_INFO_FRAME_SKIP_BIT_FB into XrCompositionLayerSpaceWarpInfoFlagBitsFB, update spec version to 2. (internal MR 2193)
    • XR_HTC_vive_focus3_controller_interaction: Support component path "/input/squeeze/value", update spec version to 2. (internal MR 2253)
    • XR_KHR_D3D11_enable and XR_KHR_D3D12_enable: Update to describe error conditions for XR_ERROR_GRAPHICS_DEVICE_INVALID. (internal MR 2176, internal issue 1617)
    • XR_MSFT_spatial_graph_bridge: Update to revision 2. (internal MR 2182)
  • SDK

OpenXR SDK 1.0.22 (2022-01-12)

This release features a number of new extensions, as well as some software updates and fixes, especially for Android. If you are using the bundled jsoncpp, this is also a security release as the bundled jsoncpp was upgraded to incorporate security improvements from upstream.

OpenXR SDK 1.0.21 (2022-01-10)

This release was withdrawn due to a typo noticed after initial publication. All changes are now listed under 1.0.22.

OpenXR SDK 1.0.20 (2021-10-04)

This release includes a proposed cross-vendor OpenXR loader for Android, Android build system for hello_xr, and a number of new vendor extensions.

OpenXR SDK 1.0.19 (2021-08-24)

This release features a number of new or updated vendor extensions, as well as some minor cleanups and bug fixes in the SDK.

OpenXR SDK 1.0.18 (2021-07-30)

This release mostly adds new extensions. It also includes some fixes to the included layers, as well as text in the loader documentation describing how runtimes can register themselves for manual selection. This is not used by the loader itself and does not require any changes to the loader, but it may be useful to developer-focused supporting software.

  • Registry
    • Add ratified XR_KHR_swapchain_usage_input_attachment_bit Khronos extension. (Promotion of XR_MND_swapchain_usage_input_attachment_bit, which is now deprecated.) (internal MR 2045)
    • Add new XR_FB_foveation, XR_FB_foveation_configuration, and XR_FB_foveation_vulkan vendor extensions. (internal MR 2050)
    • Add additional extension dependencies to XR_FB_swapchain_update_state. (internal MR 2072, internal issue 1572)
    • Add new XR_FB_composition_layer_secure_content vendor extension. (internal MR 2075)
    • Add new XR_FB_composition_layer_alpha_blend vendor extension. (internal MR 2078)
    • Add new XR_FB_composition_layer_image_layout vendor extension. (internal MR 2090)
    • Add new XR_MSFT_spatial_anchor_persistence vendor extension. (internal MR 2093)
    • Add some simple Schematron rules and a script to check the XML registry against them. (internal MR 2103)
    • Register author ID and Reserve vendor extensions for Unity. (internal MR 2105)
    • Reserve extension ID range 187-196 for LIV Inc. (internal MR 2102)
  • SDK
    • Describe how runtimes may register themselves at installation time for manual selection. (internal MR 2081, internal MR 2109, internal issue 1574)
    • Include sRGB in list of supported swapchain texture formats for the HelloXR OpenGLES plugin. (internal MR 2066)
    • layers: Refactor generated xrGetInstanceProcAddr implementations to avoid deeply-nested if ... else blocks. (Some compilers have limits we were nearing or hitting.) (internal MR 2050)
    • validation layer: Set default logging mode to stdout ("text") instead of none. (OpenXR-SDK-Source PR 262)
    • validation layer: Fix invalid struct type error message to show the expected type instead of the actual type. (OpenXR-SDK-Source PR 263)

OpenXR SDK 1.0.17 (2021-06-08)

This release features an important fix to the loader for an invalid-iterator bug introduced in 1.0.16. All developers shipping the loader are strongly encouraged to upgrade. It also includes a variety of new vendor extensions.

OpenXR SDK 1.0.16 (2021-05-11)

This release contains an update to define a new error code, XR_ERROR_RUNTIME_UNAVAILABLE, now returned by the loader at xrCreateInstance and xrEnumerateInstanceProperties when it cannot find or load a runtime for some reason. This should be more clear for developers when encountering it, as well as helpful when troubleshooting errors hit by users. (The previously-returned error was typically XR_ERROR_INSTANCE_LOST, which is confusing when returned when trying to create an instance.) This release also includes a new multi-vendor extension, a new vendor extension, and improved concurrency handling in the loader, among smaller fixes.

OpenXR SDK 1.0.15 (2021-04-13)

The main SDK change in this release is that the OpenXR headers no longer expose extension function prototypes because extension functions are not exported by the loader. This should prevent some confusion during development without affecting code that correctly compiles and links with older SDKs. Code that was compiled but not linked (for instance, the automated tests of example source in the specification) and that would not have successfully linked may have their defects highlighted by this change, however. If you need those prototypes still available, there is a preprocessor define that can re-enable them. The function pointer definitions are always available.

In addition to that header change, this release contains three new vendor extensions plus an assortment of SDK fixes.

OpenXR SDK 1.0.14 (2021-01-27)

This release contains a collection of fixes and improvements, including one new vendor extension. Notably, we have relicensed all files that become part of the loader, so the loader may be "Apache-2.0 OR MIT" for downstream license compatibility.

OpenXR SDK 1.0.13 (2020-11-24)

The SDK in this release features some fixes to the loader's layer parsing: upgrading is recommended. The hello_xr example has also been improved. The registry for this release features a new ratified Khronos extension which will serve as the basis of other extensions, as well as a number of new vendor extensions.

OpenXR SDK 1.0.12 (2020-09-25)

This release features a number of new ratified KHR extensions, as well as a new vendor extension.

OpenXR SDK 1.0.11 (2020-08-14)

This release is mainly for SDK improvements, with only small changes to the docs. A new error code is provided for xrCreateSession for developers convenience.

  • Registry
  • SDK
    • Improve language usage in code and comments to be more respectful. (internal MR 1881)
    • Loader: Correct type of "extension_version" in API layer manifest files to string, while maintaining backwards compatibility. Remove undocumented and unused "device_extensions" and "entrypoints" keys. (internal MR 1867, internal issue 1411)
    • Replace usage of std::filesystem::canonical with PathCchCanonicalize on Windows platform to work around bug on UWP platforms. This also replaces PathCanonicalize with PathCchCanonicalize and adds the appropriate library for linking in. (OpenXR-SDK-Source/#198)
    • Support for building more projects when targeting UWP, and support for all architectures when targeting Win32. (OpenXR-SDK-Source/#199)
    • hello_xr: fix Vulkan image layout transitions. (internal MR 1876)
    • validation: Enable three additional checks (on optional arrays with non- optional counts) that were missing because of a script error. (internal MR 1881)

OpenXR SDK 1.0.10 (2020-07-28)

Note the relicensing of the registry XML file and some include files provided by or generated by this repository (first item in each changelog section). Each file's header, or an adjacent file with .license appended to the filename, is the best reference for its license terms. We are currently working on ensuring all files have an SPDX license identifier tag either in them or in an adjacent file. This is still in progress but mostly complete.

  • Registry
    • Relicense registry XML from MIT-like "Khronos Free Use License for Software and Documentation" to, at your option, either the Apache License, Version 2.0, found at, or the MIT License, found at, for broader license compatibility with downstream projects. (SPDX License Identifier expression "Apache-2.0 OR MIT") (internal MR 1814, OpenXR-Docs/#3, internal issue 958)
    • Add XR_MSFT_holographic_window_attachment vendor extension. (internal MR 1833)
    • Add XR_EXT_hp_mixed_reality_controller multi-vendor extension. (internal MR 1834)
    • Add XR_EXT_samsung_odyssey_controller multi-vendor extension. (internal MR 1835)
    • Add XR_VALVE_analog_threshold vendor extension. (internal MR 1859)
    • Add XR_MND_swapchain_usage_input_attachment_bit vendor extension. (internal MR 1865)
    • Reserve extension numbers 71 to 78 for Facebook extensions. (internal MR 1839)
    • Reserve extension numbers 79 to 88 for Valve extensions. (internal MR 1842)
    • Reserve extension numbers 89 to 92 for Khronos extensions. (internal MR 1844)
    • Reserve extension numbers 93 to 94 for EXT_unbounded_reference_space and EXT_spatial_anchor. (internal MR 1854)
    • XR_EPIC_view_configuration_fov: Fix recommendedFov incorrectly being named recommendedMutableFov. This is a source-incompatible change to a vendor extension. (internal MR 1812)
    • schema: Adjust to permit bitmask expansion in extensions, already supported by toolchain thanks to Vulkan. (internal MR 1865)
    • scripts: Teach xml-consistency to handle bitmask values defined in extensions. (internal MR 1865)
  • SDK
    • Relicense generated headers openxr.h, openxr_platform.h, openxr_reflection.h, and static header openxr_platform_defines.h from the Apache License, version 2.0, to, at your option, either the Apache License, Version 2.0, found at, or the MIT License, found at, for broader license compatibility with downstream projects. (SPDX License Identifier expression "Apache-2.0 OR MIT") (internal MR 1814, OpenXR-Docs/#3, internal issue 958)
    • Loader: Fix loading relative runtime libraries on Linux. (internal MR 1817)
    • Loader: Fix error on xrCreateInstance when explicitly trying to enable an implicit API layer. (internal MR 1858)
    • Modify Azure DevOps build pipeline to automatically generate a NuGet package. (OpenXR-SDK-Source/#196)
    • Partially revert build system changes related to detecting Direct3D, to fix builds. (internal MR 1802)
    • Portability fixes, including checking for timespec_get before enabling XR_USE_TIMESPEC. (internal MR 1804)
    • cmake: export OpenXRConfig.cmake during install. Two targets can be imported by another CMake application: OpenXR::openxr_loader and OpenXR::headers. (OpenXR-SDK-Source/#191, OpenXR-SDK-Source/#185)
    • hello_xr: Fix disparity between swapchain and render pass sample count in Vulkan in the case where implementation recommends a value higher than one. (internal MR 1794)
    • hello_xr: Fix build on a minimal Linux install by ensuring we check for all dependencies we use. We had missed checking for xcb_glx. (internal MR 1799, internal issue 1360)
    • hello_xr: Fix a Vulkan crash on Windows related to the mirror window. (internal MR 1823)
    • hello_xr: Use more proper linear formats (internal MR 1840)
    • hello_xr: Enable use of glslangValidator to compile shaders if shaderc is not available. (internal MR 1857)
    • hello_xr: Fix verbose per-layer information. (internal MR 1866)
    • hello_xr: Add Valve Index Controller bindings. Also use trigger value instead of squeeze click for grab action on Vive Wand controller. (OpenXR-SDK-Source/#163)
    • openxr_reflection: Add XR_LIST_STRUCT_ expansion macros for structure types, as well as XR_LIST_STRUCTURE_TYPES macro associating types with XrStructureType values. (internal MR 1495)
    • openxr_reflection: Adds XR_LIST_EXTENSIONS() macro, which will call your supplied macro name with the name and extension number of all known extensions. (internal MR 1864)

OpenXR SDK 1.0.9 (2020-05-29)

OpenXR SDK 1.0.8 (2020-03-27)

Patch release for the 1.0 series.

  • Registry
  • SDK
    • Add SPDX license identifier tags to nearly all (code) files, including generated files. (internal MR 1686)
    • Fix build system behavior with MSVC building in Release mode: only attempt to copy PDB files if they exist. (internal MR 1701)

OpenXR SDK 1.0.7 (2020-03-20)

Patch release for the 1.0 series.

Note: Changelogs are now being assembled with the help of the Proclamation tool, so the format has changed somewhat.

  • Registry
    • Introduce XR_MSFT_hand_interaction extension for hand interaction profile. (internal MR 1601)
    • Introduce XR_EPIC_view_configuration_fov extension for system field-of-view queries. (internal MR 1170)
    • Indicate that xrBeginFrame returns XR_ERROR_CALL_ORDER_INVALID when not paired with a corresponding xrWaitFrame call. (internal MR 1673)
    • Update the version number of XR_KHR_D3D12_enable extension. (internal MR 1681)
    • Introduce XR_EXTX_overlay extension for Overlay sessions (which can provide overlay composition layers). (internal MR 1665)
  • SDK

OpenXR 1.0.6 release (24-January-2020)

Patch release for the 1.0 series.

This release contains, among other things, a substantial simplification and cleanup of the loader, which should fix a number of issues and also make it forward compatible with extensions newer than the loader itself. As a part of this change, the loader itself now only supports a single XrInstance active at a time per process. If you attempt to create a new instance while an existing one remains (such as in the case of application code leaking an XrInstance handle), the loader will now return XR_ERROR_LIMIT_REACHED.

GitHub Pull Requests

These had been integrated into the public repo incrementally.

Internal issues

  • Registry
    • Fix typo in visibility mesh enum comment.
    • Add XR_EXT_win32_appcontainer_compatible extension.
  • Scripts
    • Fix comment typos.
    • Sync scripts with Vulkan. (internal MR 1625)
  • Loader
    • Allow use of / in paths in FileSysUtils on Windows.
  • Build
    • Improve messages
  • hello_xr
    • Add D3D12 graphics plugin (internal MR 1616)
    • Fix comment typo.

OpenXR 1.0.5 release (6-December-2019)

Patch release for the 1.0 series.

This release primarily contains extension reservations and small specification clarifications/fixes.

GitHub Pull Requests

These had been integrated into the public repo incrementally.

  • Loader tests
    • #147 - Small bugfix and output extension

Internal issues

  • Registry
    • Reserve Microsoft extension numbers (Internal MR 1613)

OpenXR 1.0.4 release (21-November-2019)

Patch release for the 1.0 series.

This release includes some fixes, extensions, and a small build system change: the build system is now configured to use C++14. No code changes in the loader or layers have yet taken place that require C++14. Please file an issue in OpenXR-SDK-Source if there is some deployment platform where you would be unable to use a loader making use of C++14 features.

GitHub Pull Requests

These had been integrated into the public repo incrementally.

  • General, Build, Other
    • #141 - Support system libs better (permit system jsoncpp, etc. for easier packaging)
  • hello_xr
    • #144 - Fix hello_xr when running under Linux OpenGL X11
  • Registry

Internal issues

  • General, Build, Other
    • Switch C++ standard version to C++14 (internal MR 1602)
    • Remove unused/unneeded files (internal MR 1609)
  • Loader
    • Fix typo in parameter/member names (internal MR 1607, internal issue 1233)
    • Fix deprecated usage of JsonCpp (internal MR 1604, internal issue 1212)
  • hello_xr
  • Registry
    • Add XR_EXT_conformance_automation extension, for use only by conformance testing (internal MR 1577, 1608)

OpenXR 1.0.3 release (7-October-2019)

Patch release for the 1.0 series.

Note that this release includes changes to adjust the symbol exports from dynamic library versions of the loader to align with the specification. Only core symbols are currently exported. All extension symbols must be retrieved using xrGetInstanceProcAddr.

GitHub Pull Requests

These had been integrated into the public repo incrementally.

  • General, Build, Other
    • #139 - Write output atomically at the end of generator scripts
    • #119 - Loader test updates.
    • #116 - Static analysis cleanups.
  • Loader
    • #140 - Permit broader valid usage re: layers
    • #133 - Remove shwapi dependency
    • #132 - Fix directory searching for layers
    • #130 - Fix exporting of symbols on Windows.
    • #129 - Remove debug ext only when added by loader - fixes usage of debug ext on runtimes that do not provide it themselves.
    • #125 - Include a OutputDebugString logger for Win32
  • Layers
    • #138 - Don't validate output enum buffer values
    • #137 - Fix incorrect filenames in the generated API layer JSON

Internal issues

  • General, Build, Other
    • Fix warnings in MSVC static code analysis mode (internal MR 1574)
    • Validation layer improvements and fixes (internal MR 1568)
    • Update vendored jsoncpp to 1.9.1 (internal MR 1523)
  • Loader
    • Add ability to quiet the loader's default output (internal MR 1576)
    • Fix conformance of loader in xrEnumerateApiLayerProperties/xrEnumerateInstanceExtensionProperties
  • hello_xr
    • Simplify action usage in hello_xr (internal MR 1553)
  • Registry
    • Add XR_EXT_view_configuration_depth_range extension (internal MR 1502, internal issue 1201)
    • Reserve a Monado extension (internal MR 1541)

OpenXR 1.0.2 release (27-August-2019)

Patch release for the 1.0 series.

Note that the loader on Windows has a security fix: All developers incorporating the OpenXR loader should update immediately.

GitHub Pull Requests

These had been integrated into the public repo incrementally.

  • General, Build, Other
    • #112 - Update active runtime search documentation
    • #106 - List app changes
    • #114 - Support for building WindowsStore loader and layers, and simplified filename
    • #96 - Misc cleanup: build simplification, install hello_xr, allow building as subproject, fix null deref in validation layer.
  • Loader
    • #102 - Default to catching exceptions, since not being able to catch (and having a non-throwing standard library) is less common
    • #109 - Factor out some debug-utils related code from the loader, and migrate validation layer to that shared code.
    • #108 - Update json_stream initialization to improve compatibility
    • #118 - Fix logic error in Linux active runtime search
    • #115, #117 - Simplification and refactoring.
  • Layers
    • #111 - Some fixes to Validation Layer (as found applying to the UE4 OpenXR plugin)
    • #110 - Fix cleaning up session labels in validation layer
  • From OpenXR-Docs:
    • #26 - Proposal for unbounded space and spatial anchor extensions (vendor extensions)

Internal issues

  • General, Build, Other
    • Allow project to be included in a parent project. (Internal MR 1512)
  • hello_xr
    • Fix OpenGL version number to be XrVersion. (Internal MR 1515)
    • Make D3D11 debug device handling more friendly. (Internal MR 1504)
  • Registry
    • Fix error in extension-added function. (Internal MR 1510)
    • Add Oculus Android extension. (Internal MR 1518)
    • Reserve additional extension number for Oculus. (Internal MR 1517)
  • Loader
    • Security fix: Do not use HKEY_CURRENT_USER or environment variables when the process is running higher than medium-integrity on Windows. (Internal issue 1205, internal MR 1511)
    • Small updates to the loader documentation.

New extension

  • XR_OCULUS_android_session_state_enable

OpenXR 1.0.1 release (2-August-2019)

Patch release for the 1.0 series.

GitHub Pull Requests

These had been integrated into the public repo incrementally.

  • General, Build, Other
    • #87 - Fix makefiles
    • #88 - Remove unneeded generation (corresponds to issue #74, internal issue 1139, internal MR 1491)
    • #101 - Fix install of header and loader.
  • Loader
    • #91 - Fix a loader bug which prevented Layers from not implementing all XR functions
    • #95 - Guard config includes/defines (relates to #81, #92)
    • #97 - Remove a constant static std::vector, use a std::array instead.
  • Layers
    • #84 - Fix Linux warning for apidump
  • From OpenXR-Docs:
    • #26 - Proposal for unbounded space and spatial anchor extensions (vendor extensions)

Internal issues

  • General, Build, Other
    • Makefile cleanups (internal MR 1469, 1489)
    • Add release scripts (internal MR 1496)
  • Registry
    • Reserve Oculus extension numbers (internal MR 1493)
    • Add Monado headless (vendor extension) (internal MR 1482)
  • Loader
    • Remove unnecessary #ifdef _WIN32 in loader. (internal MR 1487)

New extensions

  • XR_MND_headless
  • XR_MSFT_spatial_anchor
  • XR_MSFT_unbounded_reference_space

OpenXR 1.0.0 release (29-July-2019)

Incorporates spec changes from OpenXR 1.0, all public pull requests incorporated in the 0.90 series, and additional fixes and improvements not previously published.

Change log for OpenXR 0.90 provisional spec updates post-0.90.1

GitHub Pull Requests

These had been integrated into the public repo incrementally.

  • General, Build, Other
    • #40 - Update with some Linux pre-requisites
    • #43 - Make manifest file more compatible
    • #44 - Remove pkg-config dependency from xlib backend
    • #46 - Support building with "embedded" Python
    • #48 - Install layers and pkg-config file on Linux
    • #66 - Install the layers libraries on Linux
    • #71 - Validation layer: fix logic error
  • hello_xr
    • #49 - Fix hello_xr to properly use two call idiom
  • Loader
    • #38 - Remove dead file-locking code
    • #51 - Idiomatic Linux active_runtime.json search logic
    • #55, #58, #68 - Purge std::map bracket operations that might do inadvertent insertions
    • #56 - Make #define UNICODE-compatible
    • #57 - Make it possible to bypass macro that checks which filesystem to use
    • #60 - Fix build error with shlwapi function
    • #62 - Don't limit contents of XristanceCreateInfo next chain
    • #65 - Fix minor substr error
    • #69 - Simplify loader
    • #70, #76 - Make loader exception free
    • #72 - filesystem: fix theoretical bug on Linux
    • #73 - Loader proper UNICODE support
    • #75 - Clang tidy
    • #80 - Switchable exceptions
    • #82 - Add folder properties to all CMake targets.

Change log for OpenXR 0.90.1 provisional spec update (8-May-2019)

No API changes, and only minimal consistency changes to the spec/registry. Mostly an update for tooling, layers, loader, and sample code. Header version has been bumped to 43, but no symbols that should have actually been in use have changed.

GitHub Pull Requests

These had been integrated into the public repo incrementally.

  • General, Build, Other
    • #8, #11, #12 - Improve BUILDING and README
    • #9 - Make Vulkan SDK dependency optional
    • #17 - Add install target to CMake files
    • #17 - API dump layer, build: timespec extension fixes
    • #19 - build: fix CMAKE_PRESENTATION_BACKEND default on linux
    • #34 - list: Fix list test output
  • validation layer
    • #18, #22, #23 - Fix build and execution
    • #24 - Fix crash and refactor
  • hello_xr
    • #13 - Do not query GL context API version before creating context
    • #26 - Fix a warning
  • Loader
    • #3 - Don't cross 32/64 registry silos
    • #14 - Initialize XrExtensionProperties array parameter for rt_xrEnumerateInstanceExtensionProperties
    • #20 - Fix Linux manifest file search
    • #30 - Add default implementations of API functions to dispatch chains
    • #32 - Avoid crash when evaluating layer disable environment vars
    • #35 - Add 'unknown' strings to loader's *ToString fallback functions
    • #36 - Allow null instance in xrGetInstanceProcAddr() for certain entry points
    • #39 - Default to static loader only on Windows

Internal Issues

  • General, Build, Other
    • Unify (for the most part) the OpenXR and Vulkan generator scripts. (internal MR 1166)
    • List instance extensions in the "list" test. (internal MR 1169)
    • Avoid dllexport for all apps compiled with openxr_platform_defines.h (internal MR 1187)
    • Don't offer BUILD_SPECIFICATION unless the spec makefile is there. (internal MR 1179)
    • Add simple input example to hello_xr. (internal MR 1178)
    • Add a clang-format script for ease of development.
  • API Registry and Headers
    • Remove impossible and undocumented error codes. (internal MR 1185 and 1189)
    • Mark layers in XrFrameEndInfo as optional. (internal MR 1151, internal issue 899)
    • Remove unused windows types from openxr_platform.h (internal MR 1197)
    • Make openxr_platform.h include openxr.h on which it depends. (internal MR 1140, internal issue 918)
    • Remove unused, undocumented defines. (internal MR 1238, internal issue 1012)
  • Loader
    • Fix loader regkey search logic so 64bit application loads 64bit regkey value. (internal MR 1180)
    • Modify loader to be friendly to UWP (Universal Windows Platform) build target. (internal MR 1198)

OpenXR 0.90.0 - Initial public provisional release at GDC