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MongoDB Resources

This repo is dedicated to resources for using MongoDB on DigitalOcean.

  • Sample Apps: See how apps can integrate MongoDB
  • Sample Datasets: Use these to populate a new MongoDB database so you can use them in your demo apps
  • Tutorials: Watch and read on ways to build with MongoDB on DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean + MongoDB Hackathon!

Join the "Everything is a CRUD App" Hackathon

Build a MongoDB app deployed to DigitalOcean and get a shirt and stickers!

Sample Apps

Following are sample apps that you can deploy to DigitalOcean App Platform

  • Node API (Fastify + MongoDB)
  • Jamstack Blog (Strapi + Next.js + MongoDB)
  • Unsplash App (Strapi + Next.js + MongoDB)
App Description GitHub Deploy
Node API Build a Node API using Express and MongoDB. Repo Deploy to DO
Strapi + Next Blog Create a backend CMS and API w/ Strapi and show data with a Next.js frontend. Strapi Repo - Next.js Repo Deploy to DO
Unsplash Clone Use Strapi and Next.js to create an image uploads site. Strapi Repo - Next.js Repo Deploy to DO

Sample Datasets

Sample datasets are pulled from the community repo: mongodb-json-files.

Name Description Size Data type
Grades Grades w/ types of exam 92 kb JSON
Students Students w/ multiple types of grades 35 kb JSON
Products Products w/ price, rating, and type 2.8 kb JSON
Countries (Small) A list of countries 329 kb JSON
Countries (Big) A larger list of countries 2.3 mb JSON
Restaurants Restaurants w/ type of food, address, more 666 kb JSON
Books Books w/ descriptions 525 kb JSON

How to use sample datasets

The quick tutorial for how to add these sample datasets to a MongoDB database on DigitalOcean are:

  1. Install MongoDB Compass
  2. Create a MongoDB database
  3. Grab your connection URL
  4. Connect to your database from MongoDB Compass
  5. Upload one of these sample datasets

View the full tutorial: How to Import Sample Data into MongoDB


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Resources for using MongoDB on DigitalOcean







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