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Game Off

This year’s Game Off wrapped up with over 500 submissions. Check out the game called godot_platformer.exe - one of this year’s top entries.

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Maven is a build automation tool used primarily for Java projects.

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Productivity metrics, insights, and time tracking automatically generated from your programming activity.

How it Works

  1. Install the open-source plugin for your editor

  2. Write code like you already do

  3. Get a personal or team dashboard with metrics about your programming


  • Fully-automatic project detection
  • Language usage breakdown
  • Private Leaderboards
  • Commit stats
  • Embeddable SVG charts

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asaadmahmood commented Oct 11, 2021


Feature Idea: Convert octo-sidebar-item from


How important this is to me and why

Importance: Medium

Additional context/similar features

This is being used multiple times in the file, so please be sure to replace all instances.
Also, some css changes may be needed to revert the button base styles that are applied, so the UI looks the same as before.


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This repository is my documenting repository for learning the world of DevOps. I started this journey on the 1st January 2022 and I plan to run to March 31st for a complete 90-day romp on spending an hour a day including weekends to get a foundational knowledge across a lot of different areas that make up DevOps.

  • Updated Jan 22, 2022
  • Go

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mkopinsky commented Sep 2, 2021

As far as I can tell, the only time I can edit the configuration of an instance is the first time I run limactl start. It would be nice if I could do something like:

  • limactl stop default
  • limactl edit default (opens editor just like the first time it's created)
  • limactl start default

Maybe this is already possible somehow? If so, I can't find the documentation in either the rep


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BackHub Backups by Rewind

BackHub is a part of Rewind, the leader for SaaS backups trusted by over 100,000 organizations including HBO, Indigo, SCRIBD, Python Software Foundation and more.

Rewind automates your daily backups, ensuring fast recovery in a few clicks.

  • Automated Daily Backups
  • Fast Recovery Including Metadata
  • Automated Sync to Your AWS S3 Bucket
  • SOC 2 Compliant (Type 1 report available)