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Node.js Community Contributing Guide 1.0

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct explains the bare minimum behavior expectations the Node Foundation requires of its contributors. Please read it before participating.


  • A Contributor is any individual creating or commenting on an issue or pull request.
  • A Collaborator is a subset of contributors who have been given write access to the repository.

Logging Issues

Log an issue for any question or problem you might have. When in doubt, log an issue. Any additional policies about what to include will be provided in the responses. The only exception is security disclosures which should be sent privately.

Collaborators may direct you to another repository, ask for additional clarifications, and add appropriate metadata before the issue is addressed.

Please be courteous, respectful, and every participant is expected to follow the project's Code of Conduct.


Any change to resources in this repository must be through pull requests.

No pull request can be merged without being reviewed.

For non-trivial contributions, pull requests should sit for at least 36 hours to ensure that contributors in other timezones have time to review. Consideration should also be given to weekends and other holiday periods to ensure active collaborators all have reasonable time to become involved in the discussion and review process if they wish.

The default for each contribution is that it is accepted once no collaborator has an objection. During review collaborators may also request that a specific contributor who is most versed in a particular area gives a "LGTM" before the PR can be merged. There is no additional "sign off" process for contributions to land. Once all issues brought by collaborators are addressed it can be landed by any collaborator.

In the case of an objection being raised in a pull request by another collaborator, all involved collaborators should seek to arrive at a consensus by way of addressing concerns being expressed by discussion, compromise on the proposed change, or withdrawal of the proposed change.

If a contribution is controversial and collaborators cannot agree about how to get it landed or if it should be landed, then it should be escalated to the Node.js Technical Steering Committee. Only a small minority of issues are brought to the Technical Steering Committee for resolution. Discussion and compromise among collaborators is the default resolution mechanism.

Becoming a Collaborator

Individuals with non-trivial contributions may be added as Collaborators. Collaborators are expected to follow this policy and continue to send pull requests and go through proper review.

How to contribute

Please read more at How to contribute