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Working draft of the proposed RISC-V V vector extension.

Version 1.0 has been frozen and at this time is undergoing public review. Version 1.0 is considered stable enough to begin developing toolchains, functional simulators, and implementations, including in upstream software projects, and is not expected to have incompatible changes except if serious issues are discovered during ratification. Once ratified, the spec will be given version 2.0.

The previous stable releases are v1.0-rc2, v1.0-rc1, v0.10, v0.9, and v0.8. Note, these previous releases were for experimental development purposes only and are not standard versions suitable for production use. Significant incompatible changes were made from these earlier versions prior to freezing.

The top level file is v-spec.adoc

Simply clicking on the file in the github repo viewer will render a usable version as markdown.

For a better rendering, use the documentation build process described below.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. See the LICENSE file for details.

Additional Resources

Documentation generator


node v6+

Linux: install using nvm

macOS Homebrew: brew install node

macOS Macports: sudo port install npm6


Install documentation generator

npm i

Build HTML/PDF documents

npm run build

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