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This package implements native binding for Rive Runtime for iOS and Android. Expo CLI is not supported by this lib.

Further runtime documentation can be found in Rive's help center.


  • install rive-react-native dependency using yarn or npm
npm install rive-react-native


yarn add rive-react-native
  • install pods for your ios project. Go to the project ios directory and run
pod install
  • Add empty swift file in order to create Bridging-Header file if it doesn't exist. (optional)

  • add this dependency to your project inside android/app/build.gradle

dependencies {
  implementation "androidx.startup:startup-runtime:1.0.0"

More info here.

Put .riv files inside your project:

  • raw directory on Android
  • Assets directory on iOS


import Rive from 'rive-react-native';

const resourceName = 'truck_v7'; // file truck_v7.riv

function App() {
  return <Rive resourceName={resourceName} />;

You can download the truck_v7.riv file from the example/ios/Assets folder. A more detailed guide about usage can be found here

Rive component

Rive is a component that can render a native rive animation.


See the contributing guide to learn how to contribute to the repository and the development workflow.