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The Developer Experience (DX) Automator

This tool is intended to help make managing multiple GitHub repositories much easier for DX, DevRel, and Open Source Engineering teams.


Everyone who participates in our repo is expected to comply with our Code of Conduct.

We welcome contributions in the form of issues, pull requests and code reviews.

Usage - Standalone Scripts

Environment Setup

Update the development environment with your GITHUB_TOKEN, for example:

  1. Copy the sample environment file to a new file: cp .env_sample .env
  2. Edit the new .env to add your GitHub Personal Access Token
  3. Source the .env file to set the variable in the current session: source .env

Install the python dependencies and activate the environment:

make install
source venv/bin/activate

Running Scripts

python ./examples/
python ./examples/
python ./examples/ --org twilio

Usage - Updating DataDog Monitors through Terraform

  1. Open a PR that includes any relevant changes to located in the terraform directory
  2. After your changes are approved, merge the PR to Main
  3. Use the team's credentials to login to the Terraform-DI service account
  4. Navigate to the workspaces tab.
  5. Click on the runs tab to verify that the changes to the monitors are made successful.