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SorinGFS commented Apr 29, 2022

Feature request

Place the access_log and error_log directives inside the main server block instead of http block.

Feature description

Disable access_log at http block:
File: /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

# ...
http {
    # ...
    access_log off;
    # ...
# ...

Enable per site access_log and error_log at main server block:
File: /etc/nginx/

enhancement help wanted good first issue hacktoberfest
prurigro commented May 2, 2022

What is the problem this feature would solve? Please describe.

Currently there aren't any examples showing what a path should look like. Does it start with a leading slash? Do you need the bucket name like you do in s3cmd? Can you start with a wildcard to flush everything with a given file extension?

The fact that doctl always returns an empty success makes it even more difficult to dete

rishabh-bansal commented Oct 4, 2019

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eltariel commented Jan 30, 2022

When you run inletsctl create, it prints a command to run in order to delete the server again. The command generated for an Azure deployment is incomplete and will not run without additional parameters.

Expected Behaviour

  • Run the inletsctl delete command generated by inletsctl create
  • The inlets server is deleted.

Current Behaviour

  • The provided command fails:
$ inle
enhancement good first issue
dro-sh commented Feb 11, 2022

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I would like to use digitalocean_spaces_bucket data source. I need endpoint for bucket because S3 API requires just endpoint without bucket name. Just, not

Describe the solution you'd like

Get exported attribute endpoint at digitalocean_spaces_bucket res

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