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ivangonzalezacuna commented Jun 23, 2022

Expected Behavior

The SwaggerUI component should display the description text of the different endpoints with an easy-to-read text color.

Actual Behavior

When the description contains and HTML element the text has the default col

good first issue sweating-the-details
RowdyHowell commented Feb 28, 2022


I've found an issue here:[Bitbucket Storage]( is a storage option that uploads flows to a Bitbucket repository as .py files.

Page reference:

First, the link is incorrect. Second, should the line read more like Github where it references the repository

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deliahu commented Jun 5, 2019


Add CLI bash completion of APIs and environments. Environments is lower priority.

Additional Context

  • The operator will need an endpoint to provide the list of APIs. Which env to use? Pull it from the still-being-typed command (e.g. if --env aws is typed already)?
  • Env names can be read from the CLI config
  • [Cobra docs](
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adegoodyer commented Aug 11, 2021
  • terrascan version: 1.9.0
  • terraform version: 1.0.1

Enhancement Request

Other security scanning tools (e.g. checkov and tfsec) have a --soft-fail flag or equivalent option that allows you to always exit with 0 status.

Extremely useful when running the tool without halting a pipeline for example.

I currently use a workaround, but something more concrete would be very desira

prurigro commented May 2, 2022

What is the problem this feature would solve? Please describe.

Currently there aren't any examples showing what a path should look like. Does it start with a leading slash? Do you need the bucket name like you do in s3cmd? Can you start with a wildcard to flush everything with a given file extension?

The fact that doctl always returns an empty success makes it even more difficult to dete

Saves up to 90% of AWS EC2 costs by automating the use of spot instances on existing AutoScaling groups. Installs in minutes using CloudFormation or Terraform. Convenient to deploy at scale using StackSets. Uses tagging to avoid launch configuration changes. Automated spot termination handling. Reliable fallback to on-demand instances.

  • Updated Jun 29, 2022
  • Go
moreati commented Feb 14, 2021

A number of modules, and scripts in the test suite start with


In general it is better to use

#!/usr/bin/env python

because that allows execution inside a virtualenv, or when python is installed elsewhere, e.g. /usr/loca/bin/python.

There may be cases in which we really do want to hard code the path, e.g.

  • testing detection/selection of `ansible_py
good first issue python3 ci affects-0.2

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