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vilasopher commented May 14, 2022

The documentation get_direction method for Cylinder mentions a function called shoelace_direction which returns a string, either "CW" or "CCW". However, the implementation of get_direction returns a 3d vector. This is the correct behavior in this context, but the documentation is incorrect.

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smichr commented Feb 24, 2022

If there is a nit identified on a PR, an inconsequential change that could be made but is maybe not worth the extra test cycle, enter it here.

If you have a PR that can include one of these changes, mark it as done and add the PR reference after it, in braces


  • keep illegal as _illegal {#23154}
  • incase -> in case in identified in #23121
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lockywolf commented Mar 14, 2021

General information

  • App version: 2.6.0 (122) , F-Droid
  • System: OnePlus 5t, Android 9


At the moment, Markor allows to take a photo using the system camera app, place it into the directory of the note file, and insert the relevant markdown into the file.

I would like to ask that videos (obtained form exactly the same source) be attachable exactly the sa

stephentyrone commented Nov 2, 2020

IEEE 754 recommends (but does not require) a compound function, which is in the process of being standardized for C and C++; we should expose it in swift-numerics. The simplest, most literal translation of the operation into Swift would be:

extension RealFunctions {
  /// (1+x)ⁿ
  /// Returns NaN if x < -1.
  static func compound(_ x: Self, _ n: Int) -> Self {
    // not
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  • Updated Dec 31, 2021

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