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ShuffleWire commented Oct 8, 2021

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create empty directory with the wizard
  2. Add a robot and a join
  3. In view, add "Show join axes"
  4. Nothing seems to happens, because the line is too small

Expected behaviour
A line should appear.

Expected solution
Change the default lineScale value to 10, which make it visible, at least for a default project.
Two solutions, change the default templa

enhancement good first issue
cmuell89 commented Jun 16, 2020

Hey all,

I am curious if support exists, or will in the future, for the loading of URDF, SDF and/or MJCF model files into nphysics. This functionality would make nphysics highly desirable for simulating robotics and help Rust expand into the robotics world in general. This is something I could potentially help with if there agreement to support such model files.

Perhaps the library is still

enhancement good first issue P-low

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