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BStringhamVRSK commented Aug 12, 2021

After using Engine.createTextureFromKtx/jpeg/Png, I need to query the texture width and height so I can generate proper UV coordinates for font display.

Proposed solution
Expose the Texture.getWidth(), getHeight(), etc. methods to get texture information. I currently only need width and height, but I can see usage cases for many of the other "getters" available in the C++ in

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r10r commented May 12, 2022

Hi there,

I run into the following error when trying to package / build xterm.js with yarn
behind a http proxy.

The script addons/xterm-addon-ligatures/bin/download-fonts.js fails to download the fonts.
This seems to be an axios related issue. Related to axios/axios#3903 ?

The related error on the console is:

devcontainer:~/xterm.js# yarn           
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emmanuelle commented Nov 28, 2019

Most items coming from questions on the community forum

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j9liu commented May 4, 2022

Currently IndexDatatype.createTypedArray only outputs Uint16Array and Uint32Array. This caused a bug in #10344 because it returned a Uint16Array for uint8 indices, which was too big for the getBufferData function. The fix itself is easy but it causes a lot of unit tests to break, which will take more time to fix.

Once this function is changed to return Uint8Array, the manual check i

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