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Web Application Security Working Group

Table of Specifications

Complete ED TR
Content Security Policy Level 1 NOTE: /TR/CSP1
Subresource Integrity webappsec-subresource-integrity REC: /TR/SRI/
Content Security Policy Level 2 webappsec-csp REC: /TR/CSP2
Stable ED TR
Mixed Content webappsec-mixed-content CR: /TR/mixed-content/
Upgrade Insecure Requests webappsec-upgrade-insecure-requests WD: /TR/upgrade-insecure-requests/
Secure Contexts webappsec-secure-contexts CR: /TR/powerful-features/
Referrer Policy webappsec-referrer-policy CR: /TR/referrer-policy/
Stabilizing ED TR
Credential Management Level 1 webappsec-credential-management WD: /TR/credential-management/
Permissions API permissions FPWD: /TR/permissions/
Content Security Policy Level 3 webappsec-csp WD: /TR/CSP
Works in Progress ED TR
Clear Site Data webappsec-clear-site-data FPWD: /TR/clear-site-data/
A Well-Known URL for Changing Passwords webappsec-change-password-url
Detecting the reliability of HTTP status codes webappsec-change-password-url
Obsolete or Abandoned ED TR
Confinement with Origin Web Labels webappsec-cowl FPWD: /TR/cowl/
CSP Pinning webappsec-csp FPWD: /TR/csp-pinning/
Entry Point Regulation webappsec-epr FPWD: /TR/epr/