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Commits on May 8, 2023

  1. Add value argument to URLSearchParams's has() and delete()

    Also add <div algorithm> wrappers.
    Tests: web-platform-tests/wpt#39865.
    Fixes #335.
    annevk committed May 8, 2023

Commits on Mar 20, 2023

  1. Add URL.canParse()

    annevk committed Mar 20, 2023

Commits on Feb 24, 2023

  1. host-missing validation error is fatal

    Fixes #757.
    annevk committed Feb 24, 2023

Commits on Feb 23, 2023

Commits on Feb 20, 2023

  1. Named validation errors

    Closes #406.
    Co-authored-by: Anne van Kesteren <[email protected]>
    TRowbotham and annevk committed Feb 20, 2023

Commits on Jan 23, 2023

Commits on Jan 20, 2023

  1. Redo validation errors in the IPv4 parser

    ab0e820 didn't consider the impact on the validation error infrastructure.
    This also makes some minor additional changes:
    * Modernizes the "Host parsing" section.
    * Clarifies that the IPv4 parser cannot be invoked directly.
    * Clarifies that the IPv6 parser can, but you should still not do it.
    Fixes #706.
    annevk committed Jan 20, 2023

Commits on Jan 19, 2023

Commits on Jan 17, 2023

  1. Editorial: point out API section is not suitable for all

    This language is copied from Encoding, to which similar considerations applied.
    Closes #535.
    annevk committed Jan 17, 2023
  2. Editorial: define domain label

    Also slightly modernize the public suffix and registrable domain algorithm headers.
    Fixes #435.
    annevk committed Jan 17, 2023
  3. Editorial: define URL path segment

    As suggested in #337 by David Singer.
    This also formalizes single-dot and double-dot URL path segments as proper concepts and allows them to be part of the data structure rather than writing section, which is much more sound.
    annevk committed Jan 17, 2023

Commits on Jan 2, 2023

  1. Ensure the API roundtrips for opaque paths

    As opaque paths can end in U+0020, those trailing U+0020 code points need to be removed from the path when both query and fragment become null.
    Tests: web-platform-tests/wpt#37556.
    Fixes #651.
    annevk committed Jan 2, 2023

Commits on Dec 20, 2022

  1. Clarify that percent-encoding does not always roundtrip

    Also add some <div algorithm> wrappers to this section.
    Closes #523.
    annevk committed Dec 20, 2022

Commits on Dec 12, 2022

  1. Clarify the web uses UTS46 and not IDNA2008

    Closes #498.
    annevk committed Dec 12, 2022
  2. Editorial: clarify constructor example

    Closes #724.
    annevk committed Dec 12, 2022

Commits on Dec 9, 2022

  1. Editorial: dependency cleanup

    Missed in d2ef633. (And DOM was there I suspect for "context object" which is now "this" in Web IDL.)
    annevk committed Dec 9, 2022
  2. Editorial: clarify URL validity

    Closes #595.
    annevk committed Dec 9, 2022
  3. Editorial: clarify Goals wording

    Fixes #712.
    dawei-wang committed Dec 9, 2022

Commits on Dec 6, 2022

  1. Editorial: clarify the types of strings algorithms take and return

    Given the existing callers these are not normative changes, but there was definitely a lack of clarity.
    Closes web-platform-tests/wpt#37010.
    annevk committed Dec 6, 2022

Commits on Dec 5, 2022

Commits on Dec 2, 2022

  1. Editorial: minor cleanup around the internal IDNA algorithms

    1. No need for optional arguments given the number of callers.
    2. Call Unicode ToUnicode from a single place.
    annevk committed Dec 2, 2022

Commits on Nov 23, 2022

  1. Editorial: address a couple minor nits

    This change mainly removes the no-backref class that no longer has any meaning.
    annevk committed Nov 23, 2022

Commits on Oct 26, 2022

  1. Meta: my employer changed

    Also move the anchors and link-defaults blocks around.
    annevk committed Oct 26, 2022

Commits on Oct 17, 2022

Commits on Aug 15, 2022

  1. Meta: fix "same site" reference

    Recently HTML introduced a for="site" version, so we need to be more specific.
    domenic committed Aug 15, 2022

Commits on May 3, 2022

  1. Account for a trailing dot in public suffix and registrable domain

    Also update the PSL algorithm reference.
    Fixes #692 and fixes #693.
    annevk committed May 3, 2022

Commits on Apr 26, 2022

  1. Add more examples of opaque hosts

    Closes #690.
    domenic authored and annevk committed Apr 26, 2022

Commits on Feb 21, 2022