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Developer Beginner

For associates new to contributing code, configuration, or other files to GitHub repositories.

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​ If you're new to Git or GitHub or just need a refresher, this is the course for you. Get an introduction to Git and GitHub, then create your first repository where you'll practice some basic Git activities. ​

To maximize the benefits of these courses, be sure to complete them using the Git command line interface.

Steps to complete this learning path 8
  1. What is GitHub?

    Hey, it's your first time here, so let's not take any chances. Check out this short video to understand why people use GitHub.

  2. Set up Git on your workstation

    Set up Git on your workstation and complete these courses using the Git command line interface.

  3. To learn how to use the workflow described in that video, take this course.

  4. Git Handbook

    By now you are probably wondering what a Git is and why it is important in writing code. We have you covered with this short article on version control with Git.

  5. GitHub is all about collaboration and we collaborate in issues in pull requests. Learn how to get your point across with the worlds easiest text formatting syntax.

  6. Now that you know what GitHub does, I bet you're ready to move all of those projects off your local machine. This course will show you how.

  7. Learn how to provide great reviews on the pull requests created by your teammates.

  8. When you collaborate with others, you may make changes to the same code on different branches. Don't worry, GitHub has you covered. We'll block the merge and help you come to peaceful agreement on how those final changes should look.

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