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Expert appraisals of every aspect of the hotel industry, from tech stacks to guest experience to market sizing and beyond

The Future of Meetings in Hospitality

The hotel meetings and events industry is going through a radical evolution due to new communication technologies, Millennial psychographics, and a rethinking of the overall purpose and value. Pop culture events like TED and SXSW are also changing the perspective of what’s possible at conferences, but are meeting planners and hospitality executives jumping on these trends fast enough?


The Reinvention of Airline and Hotel Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs have become a multi-billion dollar revenue stream for travel companies, yet this success has come at the expense of their original purpose: forging stronger connections with customers. How can marketers capitalize on new innovations in technology and shifts in traveler behavior to build more genuine customer loyalty and larger profits in the future?


What the Sharing Economy Means to the Future of Travel

Collaborative consumption, once an idealist niche for hitchhikers and backpackers, has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry thanks to the economic, social and technological changes of the past decade. How can incumbent companies learn from this fast-growing segment of the travel industry?


The Rise of Local in Hospitality

Hotels are attracting the next generation traveler by engaging with their local communities to provide more authentic and immersive travel experiences.


The Future of Hotel In-Room Entertainment

A deep dive into the rapidly-changing state of in-room entertainment.