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For questions about Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, an RPG published in 2014 by Wizards of the Coast. D&D 5e is a heroic fantasy RPG inspired by the mechanics and settings of all previous D&D editions. It was previously code-named D&D Next during the playtest period.

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Is this homebrew creature well balanced?

I have created an homebrew creature. I would like to know if it could be a resonable fight for a level 8 team (an elf druid, a human barbarian, a human warrior, a ranger goblin). Have I used too many ...
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How can I deal with a bigot who's playing a murderhobo? [duplicate]

I'd like to half-vent, half-ask a question here. I've been playing in a campaign at a local gaming cafe. Each mini-campaign is 5 weeks. This player in particular is rather new, which may explain some ...
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How does the damage from Artificer Armorer's Lightning Launcher work?

I'm trying to figure out Lightning launcher's extra damage text and if I'm reading it correctly. The part in question reads as follows: Once on each of your turns when you hit a creature with it, you ...
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I need advice on the ability of my subrace [closed]

This is my second home brew race ever and while I’ve watched a myriad of YouTube videos about it, all of them seem unhelpful in racial trait creation. I’m questioning about a certain racial trait, the ...
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At what point is a character considered to have "taken the Attack Action"? [duplicate]

Per the rules of Bonus Action: You choose when to take a bonus action during your turn, unless the bonus action's timing is specified, and anything that deprives you of your ability to take actions ...
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Do you always use your spellcasting modifier and spell save DC, or are they used only when specified? [duplicate]

I'm studying spells, and I find one thing very unclear to me: the timing of when the spell save DC or spell attack modifier comes in. When do you use the spell attack modifier and save DC?
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Recreating spherimorph monster (from FFX) in D&D [closed]

My favorite monster in Final Fantasy X is spherimorph: I would like to recreate a similar monster in D&D 5e. My starting idea is to give that ...
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Does using the Knock spell on the front door of Icespire Hold wake Cryovain?

I examined the Icespire Hold dungeon in the D&D 5e Essentials Kit. The Icespire Hold door(between H1 and H2) is not locked, but I think the PCs I DM for might think it is locked. One of them is a ...
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Can a Firbolg standing behind a wall see without being seen?

The Firbolg Magic trait says: Firbolg Magic. You can cast detect magic and disguise self spells with this trait. When you use this version of disguise self, you can seem up to 3 feet shorter or ...
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Is it possible to combine multiple outputs in AnyDice?

I have a situation where I will be making four attacks that do different amounts of damage over the course of a round. I have the average damage of each of them(including the likelihood of missing ...
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4 votes
1 answer

What are the dimensions of ship tokens in ship on ship combat, via GoS, suppose to be?

I've had some conflicting information on whether a gargantuan ship from Ghosts of Saltmarsh is suppose to have a 20x20 token or an accurately dimensioned token, when used in ship v ship combat. For me ...
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Can Tenser's Floating Disk be used as half cover?

The spell, Tensers Floating Disk states that it is 3ft in diameter and floats 3 ft in the air in an unoccupied space. Since it says that if the stuff its carrying is over its maximum weight, it all ...
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Is this Ellayn race balanced?

The Ellayn are a falcon-winged fey creatures that dwell in the skies of Faerie, the ellayn are relatives of the elves and their long-standing allies. They live in tight-knit family units consisting of ...
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Does Unspoken Agreement stack with multi-attack or cantrips?

This question is about material from Genuine Fantasy Press's Compedium of Forgotten Secrets, which has a free version available. Does Unspoken Agreement Spell stack with multi-attack or cantrips? ...
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Strategies for Avoiding Spells with Caster Targeting: Counterspell, Silence, Anti-Magic Cones, and More [closed]

I am seeking advice on how to effectively avoid spells that specifically target spellcasters in 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons. The spells I am particularly concerned about are Counterspell, ...
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