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Who was the previous holder of the Necrosword?

In the opening scene of Thor: Love and Thunder, Gorr finds Rapu, who was celebrating the death of the Necrosword holder. Later, Rapu disappoints Gorr and Gorr kills him. Who was this previous holder ...
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Book where sea-level change has caused an apocalypse and people use steamships to scavenge flotsam

I remember reading this book in about 2018, but it could be a little older. The book focused on the crew of a steamship which made their living scavenging flotsam and burning driftwood to keep ...
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Manga where MC got a system and can access all attributes by doing a series of tasks

I'm looking for a manga where the main character (MC) has a system where he gains attributes and skills via doing a series of tasks. There was a scene where the MC has to register at an association as ...
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What is this kids’ book from the 80s-90s? [closed]

I’m trying to find the name of a children’s book I read in the 90s. It had detailed illustrations. One of the page spreads was of water maybe wetlands that had rubbish pollution and a leaky barrel. I ...
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Pls Recommend Me Manhua [closed]

I want recommendation manhua similar to this. I want suggestion only cultivation manga Manga where MC has invincible field or domain. Ex. Invincible at the Start With A Sword Domain, I Can Become The ...
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How does Thanos cause the Blip if he is already Snapped?

So, Avengers: Infinity War is him getting the Infinity Stones, causing the Blip, and then destroying said stones. Avengers: Endgame is the Avengers undoing the Blip, and then Snapping Thanos (and his ...
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Looking for animation about a little girl and a boy who can shapeshift into a shark

I first watched this animation on Youtube several years ago; 4-5 is my best guess. What I remember: The girl wore yellow and had either blue hair or eyes; or both The boy was an assailant trying to ...
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Portals are opening up in England, and dinosaurs are coming out and attacking people

Recent book, Probably within the last 5 years. Maybe newer. Might be a HaremLit book. Unfortunately I only read the first few chapters and now I can't find it. (E-book version, don't know if a paper ...
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Fantasy/isekai manga where four people, who were abandoned by their respective parties, decide to group up

This manga starter off in an inn/bar where two guys and two girls, who are strangers to one another, are sitting at one table and looking all gloomy and depressed because of bad events happening to ...
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Is the forced labor prison in Andor human only?

When Cassian Andor is sentenced to prison in Andor, the prison population seems pretty homogenous. Given the security measures (electrified floor) and the types of labor being performed, I can ...
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In About Time can Uncle Desmond travel through time?

In the time travel film About Time, Tim's father James tells him that all the men in the family can travel backwards in time to any point they have experienced. James lives with Uncle Desmond, who isn'...
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A story about an alien wanting to collect an evil human, who instead improves life in a small town

I'm trying to remember who wrote a story (I think a novella, probably dating from the 1950's or 1960's) that I read in a collection. The alien hero (a university lecturer) is tasked by his emperor ...
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TV show about 4 people who gain elemental powers (earth, air, fire, ice) and fight evil

I can't remember much, but these four animated people find a castle and they gain elemental powers. They then find this girl who tells them to guard a weird looking blue orb. The villains then get to ...
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Is Thena pregnant in this scene?

At dining table scene from Eternals (2021), Kingo asks Gilgamesh a question about Thena: Kingo: Should she be drinking? Gilgamesh: No, hers is non-alcoholic. For kids. Is Thena pregnant in this ...
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Dystopian sci-fi novel where small band of heros/anti-heros defeat dictator that turns out to be a computer

This was a novel that I read back in the mid/late 90's, although I'm not sure when it was actually written (the library I read it in had a collect that went back a ways). The two notable features that ...
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