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Use for identifying a work of SF or Fantasy, including novels, movies, comic books, fanfic, TV series, video games, etc. Use with other tags to specify the type of media, eg. [short-stories]. Use [episode-identification] for identifying a single episode of a known series, whether TV, book, or comic. Use [actor-identification], [character-identification], [music-identification], or [object-identification] for those specific ID requests instead.

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Comic story where woman becomes God

I had a comic from probably the early 90’s that I have no idea how to track down. It was a short story where a woman created a computer program with virtual creatures who ended up worshipping her like ...
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Manga about girl's love that trying to save the other girl with new ability acquired timeloop

There is old yuri manga about a female main character who tries to save another girl that loves robot from cruel experiment, but always fails because fate says so. So the FMC, using her time loop ...
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Sci fi movie that starts with a missing child and ends with reality slowly breaking down [duplicate]

I'm trying to remember the name of this sci fi movie. I'm pretty sure it's at least 2000's movie, not earlier. What I remember of the plot is, a married couple goes out on a date. 2 siblings stay home....
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Short story: in the future, only machines make music, but a man inside a computer plays the music at a concert

I am looking for the name of a short story and its author where, in the future, only machines make music but a man inside a computer plays the music at a concert. When the crowd finds out that it wasn'...
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Manhwa/manhua about a young female lead whose main talent is cooking

I’m looking for the name of a manhwa/manhua that has a young girl as the female lead. She is the youngest, with two older brothers. She has blue-green hair and red eyes. Her main talent is cooking.
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Manhwa in which the main character is killed by his village priest and wakes up in a giant room where he doesn't age but has to fight for his life

I'm looking for a survival, reborn, revenge manhwa in which the main character is killed by his village priest and wakes up in a giant room where he doesn't age but has to fight for his life every ...
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Looking for a space travel film possibly with William Fichtner or someone who looks like him

While discussing "Apollo 13" recently, I remembered of another film I've seen but have mostly forgotten. I think it is also set in the era of the space race, and three astronauts are sent to....
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A short story about artificial intelligence written by an author from Russia or Poland?

I once read an interesting short story about the possibility of a set of intelligent machines creating philosophy. Unfortunately I can't find the book that contains this short story. All I can ...
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17 votes
3 answers

Sprawling TV movie/series set after EMP; not really apocalyptic

I've looked for this movie/series on streaming services for years without luck. Here's what I remember: In color, English seemed to be original language. I think I saw it late at night on a local ...
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Book or books set on dying Earth with a frozen war between cities

I probably read this in the 1970s, and I may possibly be conflating several books. I think the story begins with the hero (who may not know who he is) either killing someone or witnessing someone ...
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Strange 3D Animal Movie Set in Venice?

What Is It: 3D Animated Movie What Made It Memorable: A scene where the villain frees some leeches from a jar to drain the canals of Venice. She complains that it was rather underwhelming to release ...
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5 votes
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80s cartoon that had foes that looked like ant or scorpion aliens and rode cycled vehicles

I'm looking to identify this 1980s cartoon that had a gang of foes. They had cycled vehicles and looked like ants or scorpions from an alien race (I don’t know exactly).
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2 answers

Book about shape-shifting dragon men and a girl named Summer

I read this book somewhere between 1997 and 2002; found it in my high school library. The main character was a girl named Summer (I’m pretty sure), but I don’t remember much about the early story. She ...
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Pre-1970 story - secretary ensures boss' success surreptitiously

This is a story I read in the last few years probably by a woman author, but I'm sure it's old. On a trade mission to an alien planet, the male executive in charge is making no progress, but his ...
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YA novel about a girl in dystopian society who gets surgically altered to be a double for a dead girl

The series is set in a dystopian society where everyone takes a test at 17-ish to determine their “number” which determines their place in society. I think 7 or 8 is the highest but only the founding ...
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