Ours is a secretariat created for assisting the President in managing school affairs. Guided by the President’s philosophy of running the University, our major duties are to coordinate the resources of various constituent units of the University and to promote school developments.


Our work ethic is captured by the motto “serving is our principle, creativity is our means, and the smooth development of our school is our goal.” The potential clients of our services include all faculty members, staff, students, their parents, alumni, industry partners, and various social sectors concerned. We endeavor to facilitate efficient coordination and to meet the specific needs of different clients. Our development strategies are: improving work procedures, encouraging innovative proposals, coordinating the establishment of new management structures, and setting effective policies of rewards. Through such strategies, we help foster the spirit of responsibility and creativity in our faculty and staff for enhancing the competitiveness of our school and attaining the goal of holistic development.

Development Planning

  • Undertaking administrative evaluation in order to help all units of the University to develop effective mechanisms for collaboration and communication and enhance administrative efficiency through solving related problems.
  • Organizing the anniversary ceremony; inviting alumni to participate in the ceremony so as to cultivate a sense of belonging and pride in our school.
  • Planning and improving the anniversary activities and various parts of the certificate conferment ceremony.
  • Simplifying the administrative procedures in harmony with the new electronic document system so as to enhance overall work efficiency.
  • Organizing the seminars concerned in order that developmental directions and strategies of various school affairs are amply studied and discussed.
  • Assisting the revision of the table showing the corresponding duties of each level of our school’s administrative structure.
  • Tracing and evaluating the execution of school-level meetings.
  • Reviewing the standard operating procedures of every kind of school-level meetings.