This here is nothing special, just a temporary homepage for the fractal program Lyapunovia.

Lyapunovia has a rather long history. I originally wrote in 1992 as a small and quick project to display a fractal type called Lyapunov Space. At that time it was written in assembler for the Amiga. The last Amiga version to be publicly released was 1.5. I almost completed version 2.0 before forgetting about it. I'll put it on this page, including source, when I get the time.

A few years later I've done a very modest version for the BeOS, this time in nice C++.

Both versions can be downloaded by clicking the links below.


Copenhagen, January 3rd, 1999.



BeOS, version 0.10+

BeOS R3, PPC and Intel

BeOS R4, Intel


Amiga 68K, version 1.5