code-for-a-living November 17, 2022

“Performant” is nonsense, but performance can still matter

Just because marketing uses a word doesn't mean it's a meaningful way to talk about software.
company October 26, 2022

CEO update: Breaking down barriers to unlock innovation

We’re fortunate to continue to grow at a rapid pace. In dynamic times, whether it be in times of hyper growth or in times of market volatility, we are seeing from our community and customers alike that breaking down the barriers to knowledge is essential for success.
code-for-a-living November 16, 2022

You can add biometric authentication to your webpage. Here’s how.

Prompting for a username and password is so 2005. Today, you can just prompt for a fingerprint.
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November 21, 2022

Cloudy with a chance of… the state of cloud in 2022

SPONSORED BY PLURALSIGHT Early in the days of high-traffic web pages and apps, any engineer operating the infrastructure would have a server room where one or more machines served that app to the world. They named their servers lovingly, took pictures, and watched them grow. The servers were pets. But since the rise of public…
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community November 10, 2022

Five Stack Exchange sites are celebrating their ten year anniversaries in Q4 2022!

Family histories, robots, and politics. Plus, the one Stack Exchange that covers them all: Anime!
code-for-a-living November 3, 2022

Stop requiring only one assertion per unit test: Multiple assertions are fine

One test case, not one test assertion.
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October 20, 2022

Introducing the Overflow Offline project

For coders without an internet connection, an offline dataset provides an essential encyclopedia
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