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Being creative with math: The immersive artist who traded a sketchpad for a keyboard

On this sponsored episode, Ben, Cassidy, and Ryan are joined by Luyang Zou, who is a creative coder, artist, architect, and Ambassador for today’s sponsor, Logitech. They chat about the creates amazing immersive spaces that he creates with a keyboard and mouse the process (and Processing), and what software and hardware play a role.

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Semantic search without the napalm grandma exploit (Ep. 600)

Ben and senior software engineer Kyle Mitofsky are joined by two people who worked on the launch of Overflow AI: director of data science and data platform Michael Foree and senior software developer Alex Warren. They talk about how and why Stack Overflow launched semantic search, how to ensure a knowledge base is trustworthy, and why user prompts can make LLMs vulnerable to exploits.

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