How to provide feedback on an article

If you’ve read a live article and want to provide feedback on how it could be improved, you can do so by clicking the "Provide feedback" button (an icon of a speech bubble with a pencil next to it), shown below the voting buttons:

Screenshot of an example article, showing the "Provide feedback" button (circled) below the upvote and downvote buttons on the left side of the article

Once you have hit this button, a dialog box will open:

"Provide feedback" dialog box, with the description "Send private feedback to the owner and editors of this post. Your profile will be associated with the feedback." This is followed by the bolded text "Mark this post as", and then the options "Out of date", "Incorrect", and "Needing more detail or context". There is then a bolded "Feedback" section, with a text area after it. Finally, there is a "Submit feedback" button in white with a blue rectangular border, and a gray "Cancel" button with no border (unless hovered over).

You can select the appropriate category for your feedback here, choosing from the following categories:

  1. Out of date: Choose this option if the article needs to be updated or is no longer relevant due to product updates, new versions, etc.
  2. Incorrect: Choose this option if you think some of the information in the article is inaccurate, or if there are typos or errors in the article copy that need to be fixed.
  3. Needing more detail or context: Choose this option if something needs to be clarified, reworded, etc.

After you select the feedback category, you can enter the details of the updates you are suggesting in the text area labeled "Feedback". When you are ready to send, click the "Submit feedback" button.

The article author and editors will receive your feedback, and can make edits to the article if appropriate. Your profile will be associated with the accepted feedback.