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NameCurrent message text
 h Arabic (ar) 
 h Azerbaijani (az) 
 h Baoulé (bci) 
 h Belarusian (be) 
 h Bulgarian (bg) 
 h Bangla (bn) 
 h Catalan (ca) 
 h Chechen (ce), 
 h English (en) 
 h Basque (eu) 
 h Finnish (fi) 
 h French (fr) 
 h Italian (it) 
 h Japanese (ja)--
 h Javanese (jv) 
 h Georgian (ka) 
 h Kongo (kg) 
 h Kashmiri (Arabic script) (ks-arab) 
 h Burmese (my) 
 h Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br) 
 h Message documentation (qqq){{optional}}
Wikitext that prefixes the signature. The prefix and signature will be appended directly to the message, so this must include a leading space if a gap is desired.

This message intentionally doesn't use the prefix from {{msg-mw|sig-text}}, because it is not actually commonly used on many wikis, but you can include it in the translation if that is the convention in your language.
 h Slovenian (sl) 
 h Telugu (te) 
 h Ukrainian (uk) 
 h Vietnamese (vi) –