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NoteThis is an optional message. Do not translate it, if it would remain unchanged in your language.

Wikitext that prefixes the signature. The prefix and signature will be appended directly to the message, so this must include a leading space if a gap is desired.

This message intentionally doesn't use the prefix from sig-text ("--$1"), because it is not actually commonly used on many wikis, but you can include it in the translation if that is the convention in your language.

NotePlease pay attention to the output method of this message: "plain".

The plain format does not allow any processing. This means the following features are not allowed: magic words (like {{SITENAME}}), parser functions (such as {{PLURAL:}}, {{ns:}} and {{#special:}}), wikitext ('''markup''' [[links]] etc.), HTML (<span lang="en">foo</span>), HTML entities (&entity;, &#123;).

Due to limitations in MediaWiki and in web browsers, there are three very specific HTML entities allowed even in plain mode. They are:

  • &#32; (regular space)
  • &nbsp; (non-breaking space, named)
  • &#160; (non-breaking space, numerical)