Streaming Assets in the BioDigital Human

Tarek Sherif


What BioDigital Does

BioDigital's Goals

  • Use interactive 3D to make anatomical content engaging
  • Move beyond the anatomy atlas
    • Tell stories
    • Bring content to life
    • Map data to and from 3D models
  • Make it all widely accessible through the Web

The BioDigital Human Platform

  • 3D content library
    • 12,000 anatomy objects
    • 1,000 health conditions
  • Rendering engine built on SceneJS
  • User-created annotations and custom views

Key Clients

  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Educational
  • Medical students

The BioDigital Human API

  • Enable outside developers to build applications on top of the BioDigital Human Platform
    • Load BioDigital renderer and 3D content into an iframe
    • Manipulate the 3D scene via a JavaScript API

The Problem

  • Big data!
    • Clients in medicine
    • Models need to be accurate

The Problem

  • Rigid data!
    • Users can only load what our artists have created
    • Load everything before first render

The Solution

  • Stream all the things!
    • Artists create assets as whole scenes
    • Back end makes assets individually addressable

The Solution

The Solution

  • Client can:
    • Stream assets in and gradually build up a scene
    • Only load what it needs
    • Create "mash ups" between different scenes our artists have created
    • Swap assets


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