projects: cables

Always trying to create more cable-salad we implement a lot of our daily work using our own tool «cables». The shoemakers son always goes barefoot? Not with us!

Cables is our in-house development tool for interactive WebGL and Web Audio projects.

Web-based simulation game for Next Kraftwerke

WebGL-based website for photographer Tobias Faisst

Process visualisation using WebGL for Next Kraftwerke

Interactive WebGL background animation for the website of CSS Design Award’s Website of the Year 2016

Audio-visual interactive installation in Graz

A sweepstake-game inspired by Las Vegas-style slot machines, spinning videos instead of images for the German hip hop-crew «Beginner».

We spiced up the website of «DigitalBiscuit – the film and technology forum» with an interactive WebGL background.

We gave a workshop on how to use cables to create an audio-reactive blob which could be viewed in virtual reality.

One day workshop for the Interactive Art Director class at Hyper Island 2016

Introducing the EURO2016 kits of «The Mannschaft» by walking around a virtual soccer field to take a look at Adidas’ home and away kit.