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27 Jul 2021
@domenicdenicola:matrix.orgDomenic sideshowbarker: now that MDN seems to do more things with its issue tracker, should we add something to the PR template asking us to file an issue on MDN for changes that might require doc updates? 17:31:13
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.orgInteresting how a force push of main shows up in all PRs, but not https://github.com/whatwg/html/commits17:39:41
@sideshowbarker:mozilla.org@sideshowbarker:mozilla.org Domenic: yeah, good idea — that would be great 18:00:10

speaking of MDN, we unfortunately still have many code examples there with iframes that call alert() — which outside of just being quaint and bad, no longer works in Chrome:

A different origin subframe tried to create a JavaScript dialog. This is no longer allowed and was blocked. See https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/5148698084376576 for more details.

@domenicdenicola:matrix.orgDomenic tabatkins: can you help find a reviewer for https://github.com/w3c/csswg-drafts/pull/6300 ? 20:29:31
@domenicdenicola:matrix.orgDomenic Although I guess I could ping emilio directly ^ 20:29:57
@everyos:matrix.orgEveryOSHello Section 4.2.6 of the WhatWG HTML spec specifies what immediately happens when a style element is encountered. It references CSSWG, which says that the stylesheet gets added to the "document or shadow root CSS style sheets". I was wondering when these are actually applied to the document? And when it is determined if a certain rule in the root CSS stylesheets applies to a certain element? What spec should I look at for info like this?23:57:24
28 Jul 2021
@domenicdenicola:matrix.orgDomenicSome CSS spec, I imagine, but I don't know which.00:01:45
@everyos:matrix.orgEveryOSOk, thanks I'll look among the CSS specs00:06:51
@everyos:matrix.orgEveryOSAnd see if I can find which00:06:58
@sideshowbarker:mozilla.org@sideshowbarker:mozilla.orgI’m vaguely recall there being a workaround for that in JavaScript (I mean other than using browser runtime flags to disable security)08:18:37
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.org EveryOS: CSSOM defines part of the infrastructure (though there are some bugs in the details and this area needs work) 10:52:13
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.org EveryOS: but basically the moment you insert a <style> element the styles "apply" 10:52:36
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.org sideshowbarker: I added an answer 10:56:56
@sideshowbarker:mozilla.org@sideshowbarker:mozilla.org annevk: thanks much 14:19:07
@tabatkins:matrix.orgtabatkins Domenic: Yeah emilio 20:15:54
29 Jul 2021
@wanderview:matrix.orgwanderviewanyone else having problems with the bikeshed server? I'm getting "<html><body><p><strong>WARNING: </strong>mysqli_connect(): (HY000/2002): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (111)</p></body></html>"15:05:25
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.org Domenic: implementations have non-JS streams 15:10:55
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.org(re Fetch architecture)15:11:16
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.org wanderview: you can ping plinns on GitHub for help perhaps 15:12:38
@wanderview:matrix.orgwanderviewwhat repo is the bikeshed server associated with?15:15:36
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.orgI don't know, if you don't have a PR or something I guess I'd file an issue against tabatkins/bikeshed15:19:24
@gsnedders:mozilla.orgSam Sneddon [:gsnedders] wanderview: none, plinss hosts it (see also drafts.csswg.org being down) 15:20:55
@wanderview:matrix.orgwanderviewI guess if the outage is wider scope then maybe its already known about15:21:46
In reply to @annevk:mozilla.org
Domenic: implementations have non-JS streams
Sure but when do they create ReadableStream objects and enqueue from them, is the question. I think you could get away without a first-class non-JS stream primitive in the spec since you can just pretend the data hasn't reached you yet if it's queued up.
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.org Domenic: I suspect it gets created the moment someone "touches" it 15:29:05
@domenicdenicola:matrix.orgDomenicHmm I don't think that's true in Chrome15:29:22
@annevk:mozilla.org@annevk:mozilla.orgAs in, once someone does res.body15:29:24
@domenicdenicola:matrix.orgDomenicNo, that returns an existing BodyStreamBuffer->Stream() it seems15:30:55

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