Incident status

No incidents reported in the last 14 days.
Create a new incident report
  1. Deal with the issue (See also Incident response).
  2. Decide whether to write a lightweight or full-length report, and use the below form to start.
    Lightweight report (template):

    Full-length report (template):
  3. Write up what happened, filling out the template. Use past incident reports for inspiration.
  4. Once done, change the status to "in-review", preferably within 7 days of the incident.
    Within 3 weeks the ONFIRE working group will get back to you with feedback.
    After the ONFIRE review and any updates to the report, set the status to "final" and notify the [email protected] mailing list.

Past incidents

This page tracks incident reports about Wikimedia Foundation properties, such as Wikipedia.


Incident history

Check Category:Incident documentation for older incident reports.

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