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System status

Check this page (powered by for any ongoing issues happening to AppVeyor:

Forums and support tickets

AppVeyor support forums is a great source of solutions to various problems provided by AppVeyor team and community.

By default all discussions are public and searchable, but you can start a private discussion by choosing This is a private discussion, don't let the public see it option. Alternatively, once discussion is already posted as public its visibility can be changed by either you or AppVeyor team using Make private toggle button on the right side bar.

  • When the private ticket is solved with solution provided and conversation doesn’t contain any sensitive data (logs, IPs, passwords, etc.) we encourage you making it public so the solution could be easily discovered by AppVeyor users.


    Whether it’s a sales question or a support request you can always contact us by email:

    [email protected]

    Technical updates

    Whenever AppVeyor service or build workers are updated we add a new entry to this feed:

    • Subscribe to receive Technical updates email notification on your .

    GitHub issues

    See what’s planned for development or what has just been delivered. AppVeyor maintains public GitHub repository to track development progress and you are welcome to submit your feature request or bug there:

    Issue submission guidelines:

    • Do not submit duplicate issues. Search first and if similar request/bug found leave your comment there to upvote.
    • Be specific - avoid including few requests/bugs into a single issue. Sometimes, before submitting a new issue it makes sense to discuss it on .



    • You are welcome to ask a quick question on Twitter, but if 140 symbols is not enough to clearly formulate the problem or we are going to have multiple replies in conversation - please respect other AppVeyor subscribers and switch to either PM or .


    You can use appveyor tag to submit your question on StackOverflow.


    What are support hours?

    We aim to respond on any email inquiry or forum post in 24 hours, but, usually, we respond within 12 hours during our working hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm PST (Vancouver, BC). Contact us if you have any concerns or special support requirements.

    What is “Priority technical support” offered with Pro and Premium plans?

    • Faster response time. With priority support you get initial response within few hours or even minutes (during working hours - Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST).
    • Priority in fixing bugs or implementing new features - requests from Premium customers are always first in line.
    • Help with setting up your projects in AppVeyor. We’ll work together with your team to help establishing CI process for your projects.