Organizations Holding Legacy Resources


ARIN offers the Legacy Registration Services Agreement (Legacy RSA or LRSA) to those organizations and individuals in the ARIN service region that hold Internet number resources not covered by any other Registration Services Agreement (RSA) with ARIN – what are termed “legacy resources.” Organizations with legacy resources that submit a signed agreement have been guaranteed the same services provided to other organizations that have a signed RSA with ARIN. Holders of legacy resources still enjoy this benefit; however, this benefit will now be tied to the execution of a combined RSA/LRSA document also offered to organizations with standard resources from ARIN.

The combined RSA recognizes the distinct status of these legacy resources while ensuring consistency of services provided to all registrants covered by the combined RSA. A legacy number resource is an IPv4 address block or Autonomous System Number (ASN) that was originally issued to the current registrant by an Internet Registry (InterNIC or its predecessors) prior to ARIN’s inception on 22 December 1997.

There is an annual maintenance fee associated with organizations holding legacy resources under an LRSA. The annual invoice to collect this fee will be sent to the designated billing Point of Contact (POC) approximately 60 days before it is due.

Note: Per the 2022 Fee Schedule, the total annual fees applicable to legacy resource holder organizations are limited to $150 annually for 2022, regardless of the number of legacy resources held under a Legacy Resource Agreement (LRSA). ARIN will apply an increase to this annual cap of $25 per year.

ARIN will not reclaim unutilized or underutilized legacy address space from organizations that sign this RSA, nor will ARIN attempt to take away legacy resources from organizations that choose not to sign it. However, signing the RSA contractually locks in a set of rights, and thus reduces the risk of future changes.

If you have questions, please see the Legacy Resource Holder FAQ section of the Registration Services Agreement FAQ.

Legacy Application Process

Step 1

To submit a request, use the “Ask ARIN” feature from within your ARIN Online account. Once logged in, simply select “Ask ARIN” in the left-hand navigation.

If you do not have an ARIN Online account, you can easily create one.

When submitting your request via “Ask ARIN,” please include the following:

  • Topic: Legacy Resources
  • Subject: Legacy RSA Application
  • Provide the following information:
    • Organization name
    • Organization ID
    • IP address blocks and/or ASNs to be covered
    • Contact information for the person submitting the request - should include name and phone number

Step 2

The requestor will receive an on-screen acknowledgment that the request has been assigned a ticket number. This ticket can be tracked from within the requestor’s ARIN Online account. ARIN’s Registration Services staff will evaluate the application to ensure that the submitted information is accurate and up to date. ARIN staff will contact the applicant if additional information is needed.

Step 3

If the application is approved, ARIN’s Financial Services staff will send the applicant a copy of the RSA for signature. The applicant will then need to complete and submit the RSA. In addition to the signature and contact information for an authorized officer of the company, contact information for the appropriate billing contact must also be provided. ARIN accepts signed, but otherwise unaltered, RSAs via fax, email, or postal mail. The signed RSA is not considered valid unless returned in its entirety.

The RSA is also available at:

Step 4

Upon successful evaluation of the submitted information and receipt of the signed and completed RSA, ARIN will notify the organization or individual. This marks the end of the application process and marks the beginning of the contractual agreement.

Step 5

Two months prior to the one-year anniversary of the date the RSA was signed, ARIN’s Financial Services Department will send out an invoice for the annual legacy maintenance fee. The fee is due by the anniversary date. This billing event will reoccur annually. For additional details on the annual maintenance fee for legacy resources, please access the Legacy Resources section of the ARIN Fee Schedule.