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  • Automated Incident Management

    Automated Incident Management

    End-to-end incident management integrated in the Datadog platform. No context switching or manual processes.

    At orderbird, every minute of uptime matters because more than 12,000 restaurants and small businesses rely on us as their point of sale system provider. When we do have an issue, Incident Management coordinates our response across teams. There’s no context switching or manual process slowing us down – Datadog provides a comprehensive workflow from detection to resolution.

    Frank Schlesinger

    Frank Schlesinger

    CTO, orderbird

    effx provides users the context and contributing factors of an incident in real-time. We're excited to partner with Datadog for Incident Management to provide further insight into managing incidents that can potentially impact just one or thousands of microservices.

    Joey Parsons

    Joey Parsons

    Founder & CEO at effx

    At Olo it's critical to always have our finger on the pulse of our systems in order to keep restaurants up and running. While Datadog is already an important part of that, the release of integrated Incident Management can further improve our team's ability to respond quickly and effectively, in those times it matters most.

    Greg Shackles

    Greg Shackles

    Senior Vice President, Technology at Olo

    Datadog Incident Management enables DevOps teams and SREs to more effectively manage their incident response workflows from start to finish, saving time and frustration when it matters most. Users can automatically detect, triage, and resolve incidents directly in the Datadog app while consulting monitoring data from across the platform.

    Create, investigate, and resolve incidents from triggered alerts and security signals

    • Manage incidents from detection to resolution within Datadog’s web and mobile app, and our Slack app, with no context switching
    • Leverage automatic integrations with the tools you already use
    • Simplify your incident management process with automated out-of-the-box workflows

    Build a collaborative and dynamic response team

    • Bring in relevant people and teams instantly with tagging, roles, and real-time collaboration
    • Utilize incident-specific communication streams while working with stakeholders throughout an investigation
    • Work together on interactive timelines that capture all incident-related context
    Build a collaborative and dynamic response team

    Improve your response with monitoring data from across your stack

    • Dive deeper into logs, traces, network, infrastructure, and more to find the root cause
    • Validate issues and outages from either your desktop or the Datadog mobile app without losing context
    • Pull related graphs, visualizations, and other pieces of evidence into the timeline for real-time monitoring throughout the incident

    Preserve data from incident declaration to resolution with Datadog Postmortem Notebooks

    • Automatically generate postmortems with incident data, or export data to the tool of your choice
    • Track progress across the response team with real-time collaboration
    • Include graphs from any data source and scope them to the exact time of impact
    Preserve data from incident declaration to resolution with Datadog Postmortem Notebooks