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  • Datadog Application Security Monitoring

    Datadog Application Security Monitoring

    Quickly detect and remediate attacks on your web applications and APIs

    Datadog Application Security Monitoring (ASM) delivers deep, real-time visibility into attacks that target your web applications and APIs. By leveraging Datadog’s distributed tracing capabilities, ASM reveals attack flows and determines which OWASP threats trigger abnormal application behavior, helping teams prioritize efforts. Code-level context provides actionable insights that enable faster remediation and help improve collaboration among development, security and operations teams.

    Improve Threat Detection With Context Awareness

    • Surface attacks that trigger suspicious application behavior by leveraging runtime execution context information available through distributed traces, and quickly prioritize the remediation of the most business-critical threats.
    • Detect OWASP attacks out of the box, including server-side-request forgeries (SSRFs), SQL injections, cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, and more.
    Improve Threat Detection With Context Awareness

    Identify Bad Actors

    • Gain the ability to prioritize the most advanced attacks by flagging authenticated suspicious requests that target your authenticated attack surface.
    • Easily identify the authenticated bad actors that are generating suspicious security activity and trace their activity.
    • Leverage threat intelligence data to call attention to source IPs known to be suspicious.
    Identify Bad Actors

    Gain Actionable Insights

    • Alert teams to attacks that have triggered code-level vulnerabilities.
    • Gain deep visibility into how attacks affect applications and APIs by observing their end-to-end attack flows.
    • Pivot to errors, associated stack traces, or even source code to collaborate across teams and fix potential vulnerabilities.

    Get Started Quickly

    • Dramatically improve security visibility without adding another agent or library to your services. Datadog Application Security Monitoring leverages the unified Datadog library also used for APM.
    • Gain immediate insights into protection against the most common attacks by using out-of-the-box rules that require no security expertise for rule configuration.
    Get Started Quickly