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    Datadog Cloud SIEM

    Real-time threat detection across operational and security logs.

    Datadog Cloud SIEM, a part of the Datadog Cloud Security Platform, provides robust threat detection for dynamic, cloud-scale environments. With Cloud SIEM, you can analyze operational and security logs in real time—regardless of their volume—while utilizing curated, out-of-the-box integrations and rules to detect threats. Developers, security, and operations teams can also leverage detailed observability data to accelerate security investigations in a single, unified platform.

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    Extensible, out-of-the-box security integrations

    • Leverage Datadog’s 500+ built-in integrations for full visibility into your network, identity providers, endpoints, and SaaS applications
    • Ingest, normalize, and enrich logs, as well as third-party security alerts, to detect threats and accelerate investigations
    • Collaborate with multiple teams through integrations with ticketing portals, chat systems, and remediation tools

    Curated, easily customizable security rules

    • Leverage built-in threshold and anomaly detection rules to detect threats quickly, with minimal configuration
    • Identify common threats or attacks within the MITRE ATT&CK® framework
    • Write your own custom rules without learning a proprietary query language

    Real-time, round-the-clock threat detection

    • Discover security issues at log ingestion, never after costly indexing
    • Detect threats quickly, even if your rules are complex or you are ingesting large volumes of data
    • Enrich security signals with Datadog-managed threat intelligence feeds

    A low maintenance, cost-effective SIEM

    • Obtain immediate time to value by focusing on threat detection, not hardware maintenance
    • Improve your team's efficiency during security investigations by removing the burden of SIEM patching
    • Reduce your operational overhead with a cost-effective, cloud-native SIEM
    A low maintenance, cost-effective SIEM