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    Deliver a superior customer experience, on demand

    Ensure that media content and ads reach users without delay

    Successful media sites rely on complex, highly scalable infrastructure to ensure that requests can be served in mere milliseconds—and prevent the delays that lead to viewer exits. Ensuring the health and performance of that infrastructure requires visibility into dynamic, multi-faceted systems including content delivery networks, datastores, and application code. Datadog brings together data on application performance, infrastructure health, and user experience so media companies can ensure that all their digital properties are performing as designed.

    In terms of time, on a daily basis, Datadog eliminates a lot of the back and forth with the media owners to find out what is going on.

    Mark Chadwick
    CTO, Vistar Media

    Ensure site reliability during high-traffic events

    High-profile events such as new content releases or breaking news stories put web infrastructure under strain and increase the likelihood of user-facing issues. Datadog eliminates blind spots via simple instrumentation libraries for web application code and 600+ built-in integrations with infrastructure technologies. With comprehensive visibility into their systems, engineers can run capacity planning analyses, historical comparisons, load tests, and game day exercises to prepare the site for a traffic surge. Datadog stores historical data for 15 months so media companies can analyze previous traffic spikes, as well as machine learning–based forecasting algorithms that predict future resource usage.

    Analyze past traffic spikes and predict future resource usage with machine-learning forecasting.

    Capture business metrics from visitor behavior and served ads

    Datadog's code-level instrumentation captures granular website events like ad clicks or media plays in real time. Engineers can drill down to view the on-site actions and user experience metrics for individual customers, or for specific geographic regions or customer tiers. All KPIs can be graphed on Datadog dashboards to track how users are interacting with content or to analyze the performance of a customer’s media buy.

    Datadog's code-level instrumentation captures granular website events like ad clicks or media plays.

    Identify slow-loading assets and high-traffic endpoints

    Even when a website or media application seems to be performing well overall, individual pages or media assets may be loading slowly or even returning errors to customers. Datadog enables media companies to view application performance broken down by endpoint, URL, media asset, or any other dimension. In the App Analytics view, users can identify performance hotspots by graphing the slowest-loading assets or the URLs returning the most errors, all without learning a specialized query language.

    View application performance broken down by endpoint, URL, or media asset.

    Derive and expose KPIs to partners in real time

    Datadog allows media companies to make their aggregated KPIs available to third parties, such as content providers or advertising partners, via read-only dashboards. Datadog’s publicly shareable dashboards include robust visibility controls and automatically update in real time.

    Share KPIs with content providers or advertising partners via read-only dashboards.