Clustered computing is the practice of pooling the resources of multiple machines and managing their collective capabilities to complete tasks. Developers can use clusters to increase processing power and storage capabilities.

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    • Question

      Clone droplet to create a 2 server cluster/file replication

      I have a website running on Ubuntu 20.04 via Gridpane. The server is constantly overloaded (CPU) by product imports which need to be refreshed and reimported on a regular basis leading to poor use experience. My quest...
      2 answers2 months agoBy Liam FirthClusteringDigitalOcean Droplets
    • Tech Talk

      Securing Your Kubernetes Ingress With Let’s Encrypt

      How to install and configure the Kubernetes Ingress NGINX Controller and connect it with cert-manager to generate TLS certificates using Let’s Encrypt.
      3 months agoBy Kim SchlesingerClusteringLet's EncryptNginxTech TalksKubernetesSecurity
    • Tutorial

      How To Install Hadoop in Stand-Alone Mode on Ubuntu 20.04

      In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to install Hadoop in stand-alone mode on an Ubuntu 20.04 server. You’ll also run an example MapReduce program to search for occurrences of a regular expression in text files.
      4 months agoBy Tony Tran, Hanif JethaBig DataClusteringUbuntu 20.04Ubuntu
    • Question

      redis-cluster-status command showing node as stopped after enabling authentication

      I have enabled authentication in redis cluster following url After enabling the authentication when I check redis-check ...
      No answers yet5 months agoBy [email protected]ClusteringRedisSecurity
    • Question

      mysql connection problem

      I try making a connection to my DO mysql cluster from an external server.I added the IP to trusted sources.when I try to connect I get a ‘can’t connect’I tried from the cammandline also. mysql -u doadmin -h db-mysql-s...
      2 answers5 months agoBy ebonitMySQLClustering
    • Question

      Managed database with node droplet

      If I have a managed mysql database with my node droplet server does that mean I can connect via localhost ( to the mysql from my node server using the doadmin user and password?
      1 answer7 months agoBy austinSharkClusteringMySQLNode.js
    • Question

      How to add node to MySql Cluster

      I have a MySql ClusterHow can I add more nodes to that cluster with less downtime? I have created the cluster after going through
      1 answer8 months agoBy prasanjitcool2MySQLClustering
    • Question

      How can initial role master for any node on Digitalocean

      [email protected] :/mnt/c/Users/Big_Picture$ kubectl get nodesNAME STATUS ROLES AGE VERSIONclinzilla-81z98 Ready <none> 37d v1.19.13clinzilla-81zzr Ready <none> 37d v1.19.13 Hi there, Because Kubernetes is a managed service ma...
      1 answer8 months agoBy abdelrhmankhamisalexKubernetesClusteringContainer
    • Question

      How to only allow Internet access to my Floating IP and block Internet access to the other droplet IP's

      I am using a Floating IP to access one droplet in a group of droplets. Now I need to block public Internet access to the other droplets in the group and only allow access to the droplet assigned the Floating IP. I am ...
      1 answer1 year agoBy sperrylandUbuntu 18.04NetworkingClustering
    • Question

      DigitalOcean vs Azure

      What are the compelling reasons, other than cost, to use DO instead of Azure? I ask as a long-time DO user with no significant experience of Azure. Sometimes people ask whether their data can be stored on Azure (due t...
      1 answer1 year agoBy TinyNavyWalrusUbuntuMySQLClustering
    • Question

      Deploying my nodejs that runs using pm2 on app platfrom

      Okay I was searching for my options to deploy my nodejs and found app platform which I thing is great but If I wanted to run my nodejs using pm2 to enable clustering is that possible or should I just implement my clus...
      Accepted Answer: The app platform has a load balancer built into it, allowing you to scale the number of instances of your application to your needs. That being said, could be times when you would like something like pm2. Some of the ...
      1 answer1 year agoBy abdelrahmanshahdaAPINode.jsRedisDigitalOcean App PlatformClustering
    • Question

      mysql galera cluster - shutdown and restart

      Dear All, I have followed the below tutorial to install galera cluster with mysql-5-6 on ubuntu-16-04, and installed successfully using 3 node (VMs). but after stop mysql from node 3 and 2 then stop galera form node 1...
      1 answer1 year agoBy abdullahromanMySQLClustering
    • Question

      Unable to update nodepool

      I’ve recently upgraded my terraform setup to the newest version; 0.14.5, whilst doing this I also wanted to increase my maxNodeSetup; by increasing my current cluster size by 1. Unfortunately, I get the following erro...
      1 answer1 year agoBy wouterjansen97APIKubernetesClusteringDigitalOcean DropletsDigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes
    • Question

      How do I automatically create a directory and mount a GlusterFS volume on Kubernetes workers?

      Hello, I’m just getting started deploying, managing and utilising Kubernetesfor parts of my workloads (the part of the workloads that are stateless). I’m therefore running an external storage cluster using GlusterFS. ...
      1 answer1 year agoBy Stian MathisenKubernetesClusteringStorage
    • Question

      Database Cluster replication without primary keys

      Hello, I currently have a database cluster with one standby node. My problem is that some of the tables doesn’t have a PK, so i keep getting the “database’s functionality is at risk” warning mail. My question is the f...
      1 answer2 years agoBy mustriaDatabasesClusteringDigitalOcean
    • Question

      how to avoid down time during maintenance activity

      I have a stand-alone droplet, how can I avoid downtime during scheduled maintenance.
      2 answers2 years agoBy kapahimansi0Clustering
    • Question

      Digital Ocean marketplace custom application hosting

      I have built a custom application which runs on a kubernetes cluster. I tested out a wordpress application on a kubernetes cluster from the digital ocean marketplace. The database and the application was automatically...
      1 answer2 years agoBy joseclCustom ImagesClusteringConfiguration ManagementInitial Server SetupDigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes
    • Question

      Database Cluster disable the public network?

      Database clusters have both public and private network connection details. Digitalocean provides a couple ways to secure: Add a trusted source, ie. you can connect using the public network details but from a trusted s...
      1 answer2 years agoBy vimisoSecurityDatabasesClusteringMySQLNetworking
    • Question

      [best practice] Dedicated MySQL servers or managed database?

      Hi all, We’re using DigitalOcean for a couple of years now, running about 35 droplets and very happy with the results so far. The ‘problem’ is that one of our SAAS products is growing very quickly and the software mak...
      1 answer2 years agoBy remo vMySQLClustering
    • Question

      Changing hostname for DOKS node and IPv6 firewall

      Hello! Is it possible to change hostname for DOKS node without breaking everything? :) I’d really be happy to have proper fqdn for the nodes… Also, does DOKS and DO cloud interface (including firewall configuration) h...
      No answers yet2 years agoBy GünterKubernetesNetworkingClusteringCloud Computing