High Availability

High availability describes the quality of a system or component that assures a high level of operational performance for a given period of time. Users look for high availability when thinking about how to decrease downtime and eliminate single points of failure.

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    • Tutorial

      Understanding Database Sharding

      Sharded databases have been receiving lots of attention in recent years, but many don’t have a clear understanding of what they are or the scenarios in which it might make sense to shard a database. This conceptual ar...
      2 months agoBy Mark DrakeDatabasesScalingHigh AvailabilityConceptual
    • Question

      DO Cloud Firewall with VRRP(Keepalived)

      I am trying this tutorial https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-highly-available-haproxy-servers-with-keepalived-and-floating-ips-on-ubuntu-14-04 But After I enable DO Cloud Firewall, my keepa...
      1 answer3 months agoBy hssDigitalOcean Cloud FirewallsHigh Availability
    • Tutorial

      How To Configure MySQL Group Replication on Ubuntu 20.04

      In this tutorial, you will set up MySQL group replication using a set of three Ubuntu 20.04 servers. As you work through this tutorial, you will have the option to set the group up as either a single-primary or multi-...
      3 months agoBy Justin Ellingwood, Mark DrakeBackupsDatabasesHigh AvailabilityMySQLScalingUbuntuUbuntu 20.04
    • Question

      High availability infrastructure with Load Balancer, HAProxy and Managed Databases

      Hola!!Espero que me puedan ayudar con las siguientes dudas que tengo al respecto. Deseo implementar una infraestructura de alta disponibilidad y he leído todo lo relacionado al siguiente articulo:https://www.digitaloc...
      No answers yet4 months agoBy digitalthinkingtLoad BalancingDigitalOcean Managed MongoDB DatabaseDigitalOcean Managed Load BalancersHigh AvailabilityDatabasesHAProxyDNS
    • Question

      Max number of concurrent TCP connections to droplet?

      I’m running an api endpoint, and it seems like I’ve hit some droplet limit of 510 or so concurrent connections. 32gig 4 cpu ubuntu 20.04, nginx is optimized. I do have ssl passthrough with a load balancer setup, but o...
      Accepted Answer: I found the issue. on top of the nginx optimizations… what fixed my low tcp connection issue was tweaking /etc/sysctl.conf net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range = 1024 61000net.ipv4.tcp_fin_timeout=30net.ipv4.tcp_tw_reuse=1net...
      1 answer4 months agoBy γ (gamma)NginxBuilding on DigitalOceanDigitalOcean DropletsHigh Availability
    • Question

      devOps for payment gateway

      I am looking for a server administrator specialized in Digital Ocean. I need the administrator to have experience in cybersecurity, Docker. Thanks you
      1 answer5 months agoBy BigCyanEelAngularAPIBuilding on DigitalOceanCDNContainerHigh Availability
    • Tech Talk

      Get Ready for Black Friday With a Highly Available Infrastructure

      Prepare your eCommerce website for large traffic spikes during the holiday season, scale sales, and grow your business along the way.
      7 months agoBy Austin Black & Roxana CiobanuTech Talkse-commerceHigh Availability
    • Question

      How does browser know about the nearest Load Balancer

      When a browser requests a DNS for the list of A records behind a FQDN, the dns responds with a list of IP Address of all the Load Balancers. The question is how does it happen that the browsers hits the nearest LB fir...
      1 answer7 months agoBy shivendrakushwahDNSLoad BalancingHigh Availability
    • Question

      How to know managed postgres backups location ?

      Hi, I am relying on Digital Ocean managed Postgres database for my company. My database is hosted in Frankfurt. I activated automatic backups for my database. Is there a way to know where the backups are located (Lond...
      1 answer8 months agoBy adrilefDigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL DatabaseBackupsHigh Availability
    • Question

      How does the digital ocean floating IP work? Could it essentially replace the need for a 'failover' Load Balancer?

      I was made aware of Digital Ocean’s floating IP’s when I contacted support with regards to setting up a High Availability Load Balancer. I was also referred to this link: Link How exactly does the floating IPs work? T...
      1 answer9 months agoBy azrinsaniLoad BalancingDigitalOcean Managed Load BalancersHigh Availability
    • Question

      Deployment of a scalable wordpress site

      Hello.About this post:https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/automating-the-deployment-of-a-scalable-wordpress-site Although it is outdated, this is the most complete guide on the WordPress scaling that I se...
      1 answer9 months agoBy agenteANDWordPressNginxDigitalOcean Managed MySQL DatabaseDigitalOcean DropletsScalingPHPDeploymentHigh AvailabilityInfrastructure
    • Tutorial

      What is High Availability?

      While handling increased system load is a common concern, decreasing downtime and eliminating single points of failure are just as important. High availability is a quality of infrastructure design at scale that addre...
      1 year agoBy Erika HeidiHigh AvailabilityLoad BalancingConceptual
    • Question

      stopping pacemaker doesn't move resources to other node

      Hi Team, First time user, please forgive my lack of knowledge about the service. I installed Pacemaker corosync, but I am facing issues get getting the failover to work properly, for the failover testing purpose I sto...
      Accepted Answer: Found the issue. Bug issue in 0.9.167, upgraded to 0.9.169 and it is now fully functional. Ta
      2 answers1 year agoBy smmaamriUbuntuNetworkingLoad BalancingHigh Availability
    • Tutorial

      How To Configure a MongoDB Replica Set on Ubuntu 20.04

      The practice of synchronizing data across multiple separate databases is called replication. In MongoDB, a group of servers that maintain the same data set through replication are referred to as a replica set. This tu...
      1 year agoBy Mark DrakeMongoDBSecurityHigh AvailabilityNoSQLDatabasesUbuntu
    • Question

      Can the linux package "watchdog" (or similar software) utilize any real hardware watchdog devices on DigitalOcean droplets?

      I’m looking into high-availability clustering for various services and fencing/STONITH is a topic that comes up often. One key component to this in a virtualized environment is hardware watchdogs, which are the only w...
      No answers yet1 year agoBy cbecker333High Availability
    • Question

      How to create LVM or block device for DRBD?

      As per DBRD guide block device or LVM could be used for data replication. However, whenever I try to create primary partition using fdisk all I get is following error.WARNING: Re-reading the partition table failed wit...
      No answers yet1 year agoBy amarrishiCentOSDigitalOcean DropletsScalingHigh Availability
    • Tech Talk

      Building a Highly Available Infrastructure With Bunnyshell and DigitalOcean

      How to use bunnyshell and DigitalOcean to achieve high availability through self-service infrastructure automation and build production-ready applications.
      1 year agoBy Aaron Geller, Roxana CiobanuTech TalksHigh AvailabilityBuilding a SaaSe-commerce
    • Question

      Given 850 tuples in a relation, how many rows will be equally available in the two target nodes after sharding?

      Given 850 tuples in a relation, how many rows will be equally available in the two targetnodes after sharding?
      No answers yet2 years agoBy nxnnxbbnckmooonyScalingHigh AvailabilityDatabases
    • Question

      How to test database cluster automatic failover and high availability

      Hi, I have set up a PostgreSQL database cluster with 1 Primary and 1 Standby Node. How do I test/ensure that replication between the Primary and Standby node, automatic failover and high availability are working? Any ...
      1 answer2 years agoBy treforeDigitalOcean Managed PostgreSQL DatabaseHigh AvailabilityNeeds Product Answer
    • Question

      What will happen to a droplet when the host machine needs maintenance?

      What will happen to a droplet when the host machine needs maintenance? Will the droplet be down for the duration of the maintenance period? Or, will the droplet be seamlessly/transparently transferred to a different h...
      Accepted Answer: Hello, Generally if it is Droplet maintenances, we generally tend to perform Live migration , where there is no downtime on the Droplet. If in case, there is an issue with Live migration, then we opt for offline migra...
      2 answers2 years agoBy jclacsamHigh AvailabilityFAQ