Kubernetes is a powerful open-source system, initially developed by Google, for managing containerized applications in a clustered environment. It aims to provide better ways of managing related, distributed components and services across varied infrastructure. It is a platform designed to completely manage the life cycle of containerized applications and services using methods that provide predictability, scalability, and high availability.

featured tutorialBuilding Optimized Containers for Kubernetes
Container images are the primary packaging format for defining applications within Kubernetes. Used as the basis for ...

Justin Ellingwood • Published on July 31, 2018 · Updated on March 17, 2022

featured tutorialHow To Migrate a Docker Compose Workflow to Kubernetes
This tutorial will show you how to migrate your Docker Compose workflow to Kubernetes using kompose. You will start b...

Kathleen Juell • Published on April 3, 2019

featured tutorialHow To Use minikube for Local Kubernetes Development and Testing
Because a Kubernetes deployment naturally entails multiple servers (i.e., Kubernetes nodes), it can be quite resource...

Alex Garnett • Published on February 28, 2022

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    • Tech Talk

      Comparing Terraform and Pulumi

      Do you want to learn how to build a deployment platform using Infrastructure as Code and a GitOps workflow? Join Kim as she compares and contrasts Terraform and Pulumi, demonstrates how to create a DigitalOcean Kubern...
      in 34 daysBy Kim SchlesingerInfrastructureKubernetesTech Talks
    • Tech Talk

      Securing the Supply Chain for Kubernetes

      Most supply chain vulnerabilities can be found in the images that are run on Kubernetes, and being able to secure the supply chain eliminates the biggest attack vector, the applications running in your cluster. In thi...
      in 27 daysBy Bikram GuptaDigitalOcean Managed KubernetesKubernetesSecurityTech Talks
    • Tech Talk

      Understanding the New DigitalOcean Kubernetes Control Plane

      Under the DigitalOcean Kubernetes Control Plane, we use Kubernetes itself to manage DOKS Kubernetes clusters. In this talk, we will do a deep dive into the architecture of the new DigitalOcean Kubernetes control plane...
      in 6 daysBy Bikram GuptaDigitalOcean Managed KubernetesKubernetesTech Talks
    • Question

      Volume resize doesn’t be reflected in Kubernetes

      I have being using an external volume for the ElasticSearch pod’s storage and I have a question about it: I did a resize to the volume but I don’t see the change reflected in the Kubernetes cluster, I don’t know if I ...
      No answers yet2 days agoBy Gibran VargasDigitalOcean VolumesElasticsearchKubernetes
    • Tech Talk

      Managing Kubernetes Secrets: Comparing External Secrets Operator and Secrets Store CSI Driver

      There are many ways to keep your application API keys, tokens, and passwords confidential in Kubernetes, but choosing the right technique can feel overwhelming. In this talk, we will explore the benefits of using an e...
      1 month agoBy Kim Schlesinger, Daniel HixKubernetesTech Talks
    • Question

      How to enable SSL certificate for internal services on Kubernetes

      I have some NodeJS based internal backend services running on Kubernetes. I would like to use a SSL certificate for those services. Model: Browser -> SSL -> Load Balancer -> SSL -> Web App - Need SSL here -> Backend s...
      Accepted Answer: Hello, One way to do this would be to generate a self-signed SSL certificate. You can do that by following the instructions from step 2 from this tutorial here: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-...
      1 answer2 months agoBy Karthik MynamDigitalOcean Managed KubernetesKubernetesMicroservices
    • Question

      How to use ingress with backend and frontend clusterIP services

      I have installed ingress and applied my ingress filepath = ".com/" goes to my front end and " .com/api/v1 is supposed to hi backend service.Frontend is working properly but the /api/v1 gives 502 bad gateway as respons...
      1 answer2 months agoBy SwimmingCeruleanShrimpGoKubernetesLoad Balancing
    • Question

      Outgoing Traffic From Back-end Pod Through NGINX Ingress IP

      “Hello There”, I am trying to deploy a web application that uses the Django framework, running on a Daphne server on a k8s cluster. I have a couple of services listed below (FYI): Celery Celery Beat Redis Django There...
      No answers yet2 months agoBy Toni SkuljDatabasesDjangoKubernetes
    • Question

      Kubernetes deployment api service with nginx at certain domain always get 404 or 502

      Hi, I started to learn some kubernetes for our project. Firstly created kubernetes cluster and added ingress-nginx from marketplace. After that follow this tutorial to deploy a api service. After tha deploy my project...
      No answers yet2 months agoBy abdullahDigitalOcean Managed KubernetesDockerKubernetesMicroservicesNginx
    • Question

      Add worker nodes from another cloud vendor, to managed Digital Ocean k8s cluster

      I want to use Digital Ocean as the managed Kubernetes platform for one of my clusters. However, I want to join some worker nodes from a different cloud platform (Amazon / AWS EC2 instances) to my Kubernetes master nod...
      1 answer2 months agoBy Trevor SullivanDigitalOcean Managed KubernetesKubernetes
    • Tech Talk

      Best Practices in Monitoring a Kubernetes Cluster With Prometheus, Grafana and Loki

      If you’re responsible for a Kubernetes cluster, it’s important to know how to monitor its health and troubleshoot problems. Learn how to collect metrics from your cluster, setup alerts, and send notifications to the r...
      2 months agoBy Kim SchlesingerMonitoringKubernetesTech Talks
    • Question

      How to connect to services on external LoadBalancer IP from inside the k8s cluster?

      I have a LoadBalancer external IP for all my k8s services. If I connect to any service hosted in my k8s cluster externally on this IP it works fine. But if I connect from another container inside the k8s cluster to th...
      No answers yet2 months agoBy swehackKubernetes
    • Question

      1 Click app / add-on kubernetes on DigitalOcean failed

      I have an kubernetes cluster running on DigitalOcean with multiple applications. Recently I tried using the 1 click app but got an error without any explenation. It just says: Installation failed try again. The app I ...
      1 answer2 months agoBy CuteDarkBlueAxolotlDigitalOcean Managed KubernetesKubernetes
    • Question

      Use Internal pod name as dns

      Hello, i am pretty new to digitalocean, i am deploying a small poc. I am trying to make a call between two of my pods but i can’t find the correct way. I have a pod-a linked on internet by a load balancer. Then on thi...
      1 answer2 months agoBy bonnetvincKubernetes
    • Question

      Better k8s firewall control

      Are there plans to allow for better k8s firewall management? It looks like fw is auto-generated when k8s clusters are created. I’d like to create my own with its own rules and have them auto-assign (or manually-assign...
      1 answer2 months agoBy EthanDigitalOcean Cloud FirewallsDigitalOcean Managed KubernetesFirewallKubernetes
    • Question

      Load Balancer Egress IP

      Hi, I have a k8s cluster with 3 nodes and a load balancer with an ingress IP address. I want to give my customers an IP address they can use to verify requests from my server. However, I realized that the IPs set in t...
      No answers yet3 months agoBy Raymond TukpeDigitalOcean Managed KubernetesKubernetesLoad Balancing
    • Question

      GB Cost Outbound

      I’m looking to obtain pricing on “outbound” GB transfer … We are looking at setting up multiple servers on DO for streaming, and on average day, we have approx 30000 GB per day (30 TB). Is there a calculator for costi...
      1 answer3 months agoBy slynch3cc4a78fbab4dac37e2dKubernetes
    • Question

      Helm can not find nginx-ingress installed from 1-click apps

      I have installed nginx-ingress from 1-click apps but helm doesn’t see it. helm ls -n ingress-nginx could anybody suggest how I can fix it without destroying existing LoadBalancer?
      1 answer3 months agoBy Ko BaDigitalOcean Managed KubernetesKubernetesNginx
    • Question

      Wordpress Kubernetes App log in creditions not working

      The steps for getting the log in creditions for wordpress in this app https://marketplace.digitalocean.com/apps/wordpress-kubernetes are not working in CMD in windows. How can i find the log in credentions for the ins...
      1 answer3 months agoBy Jack LondonDigitalOcean Managed KubernetesKubernetesWordPress
    • Tutorial

      Building Optimized Containers for Kubernetes

      Container images are the primary packaging format for defining applications within Kubernetes. Used as the basis for pods and other objects, images play an important role in the success of an application on the platfo...
      3 months agoBy Justin EllingwoodKubernetesDockerConceptual