Any server on a public network can become the target of hackers. Thus, knowing how to ensure a system’s security is an important responsibility for anyone working with a server. From initial server setup to scaling and server maintenance, security is a vital and ever-changing consideration.

featured tutorialHow To Install Suricata on Ubuntu 20.04
Suricata is a Network Security Monitoring (NSM) tool that uses sets of community created and user defined signatures ...

Jamon Camisso • Published on October 25, 2021 · Updated on October 22, 2021

featured tutorialUFW Essentials: Common Firewall Rules and Commands
UFW (uncomplicated firewall) is a firewall configuration tool that runs on top of iptables, included by default withi...

Mitchell Anicas, and Erika Heidi • Published on August 20, 2015 · Updated on December 15, 2021

featured tutorialHow to Set Up Squid Proxy for Private Connections on Ubuntu 20.04
Proxy servers are a useful way of caching or obfuscating web traffic. This means that web requests can be served from...

Alex Garnett • Published on January 6, 2022

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    • Tech Talk

      Securing the Supply Chain for Kubernetes

      Most supply chain vulnerabilities can be found in the images that are run on Kubernetes, and being able to secure the supply chain eliminates the biggest attack vector, the applications running in your cluster. In thi...
      in 27 daysBy Bikram GuptaDigitalOcean Managed KubernetesKubernetesSecurityTech Talks
    • Tutorial

      How To Disable Root Login on Ubuntu 20.04

      All Linux-based machines come with a default root user that has all privileges on the machine. Good security practices recommend that you disable the root login over SSH to prevent unauthorized access to your Linux-ba...
      2 days agoBy Raghav AggarwalSecurityUbuntu 20.04
    • Tutorial

      How To Configure Nginx with SSL as a Reverse Proxy for Jenkins

      Serve Jenkins more securely with Nginx as a front-end proxy server. This configuration forces SSL.
      2 days agoBy josh.reichardtSecurityUbuntuNginxLoad Balancing
    • Tutorial

      How To Authenticate Django Apps using django-allauth

      django-allauth is an integrated set of Django applications dealing with account authentication, registration, management, and third-party (social) account authentication. In this tutorial, you will build a Django appl...
      9 days agoBy Fredrick Adhing'aDevelopmentDjangoSecurity
    • Question

      Ubuntu 20.04 Set Up Alert Email for SSH Access

      I was wondering whether any answers in the following link would be most beneficial for setting up alerts to email me when a user logs in via SSH to my Ubuntu 20.04 server.
      Accepted Answer: Hi there, One of the most straightforward ways would be to put the following in /etc/profile: if [ -n "$SSH_CLIENT" ]; then TEXT="$(date): ssh login to ${USER}@$(hostname -f)" TEXT="$TEXT from $(echo $SSH_CLIENT|awk '...
      1 answer16 days agoBy mpasqualiSecurityUbuntu 20.04
    • Tutorial

      How To Set Up an Endlessh Tarpit on Ubuntu 22.04

      When looking at authentication logs, you might see several failed login attempts from various IP addresses that often .come from a node on a botnet. While you may not be able to stop these attacks, you can slow them d...
      16 days agoBy Reuben TierFirewallUbuntu 20.04Security
    • Tutorial

      How To Set Up Password Authentication with Nginx on Ubuntu 22.04

      When setting up a web server, there are often sections of the site that you wish to restrict access to. Web applications often provide their own authentication and authorization methods, but the web server itself can ...
      30 days agoBy Justin Ellingwood, Tony TranSecurityNginxUbuntu 22.04
    • Tutorial

      Recommended Security Measures to Protect Your Servers

      When setting up infrastructure, getting your applications up and running will often be your primary concern. However, making your applications to function correctly without addressing the security needs of your infras...
      1 month agoBy Justin Ellingwood, Alex GarnettSecurityFirewallConceptualNetworkingVPN
    • Question

      Is SFO2 pci compliant?

      Our droplet is hosted on the SFO2 server center. Is that center PCI compliant?
      1 answer1 month agoBy philc46cff3f565024445e5e64Security
    • Apps


      Secure Share and Collaborate Files from DigitalOcean Spaces with Fine Access Control and Single Sign-On.
      1 month agoBy NandaApplicationsDigitalOcean DropletsObject StorageDigitalOcean 1-Click Apps MarketplaceSecurityDigitalOcean Spaces
    • Tutorial

      How To Create a Self-Signed SSL Certificate for Nginx in Ubuntu 22.04

      In this guide, you will learn how to set up a self-signed SSL/TLS certificate for use with an Nginx web server on an Ubuntu 22.04 server.
      1 month agoBy Jeanelle Horcasitas, Jamon CamissoSecurityUbuntuNginxUbuntu 22.04
    • Tutorial

      How To Set Up Password Authentication with Apache on Ubuntu 20.04

      This tutorial will walk you through password-protecting assets on an Apache web server running on Ubuntu 20.04 in order to provide your server with additional security.
      2 months agoBy Lisa Tagliaferri, Jeanelle HorcasitasUbuntu 20.04ApacheSecurityUbuntu
    • Tutorial

      How To Create a Self-Signed SSL Certificate for Apache in Ubuntu 18.04

      In this guide, we will show you how to set up a self-signed SSL certificate for use with an Apache web server on Ubuntu 18.04.
      2 months agoBy Justin Ellingwood, Brian BoucheronApacheSecurityUbuntuUbuntu 18.04
    • Tutorial

      How to Set Up an IKEv2 VPN Server with StrongSwan on Ubuntu 22.04

      A virtual private network, or VPN, allows you to securely encrypt traffic as it travels through untrusted networks, such as those at the coffee shop, a conference, or an airport. In this tutorial, you’ll set up an IKE...
      2 months agoBy Jamon CamissoVPNSecurityUbuntu 22.04Ubuntu
    • Tutorial

      How To Set Up and Configure a Certificate Authority On Ubuntu 22.04

      A private Certificate Authority (CA) that runs on Ubuntu 22.04 will enable you to configure, test, and run programs that require encrypted connections between a client and a server. Using a private CA, you can issue c...
      2 months agoBy Jamon CamissoVPNUbuntu 22.04SecurityUbuntu
    • Tutorial

      How To Set Up and Configure an OpenVPN Server on Ubuntu 22.04

      OpenVPN is an open-source Virtual Private Network (VPN) application that lets you create and join a private network securely over the public Internet. In this tutorial you will learn how to install and configure OpenV...
      2 months agoBy Jamon Camisso, Mark DrakeVPNUbuntu 22.04SecurityUbuntu
    • Tutorial

      How To Set Up a Firewall with UFW on Ubuntu 22.04

      This tutorial will guide you through setting up a firewall with UFW on Ubuntu 22.04.
      2 months agoBy Brian Boucheron, Jamon CamissoFirewallNetworkingSecurityUbuntu 22.04Ubuntu
    • Tutorial

      How To Create a Self-Signed SSL Certificate for Apache in Ubuntu 22.04

      In this guide, you will learn how to create and configure a self-signed TLS/SSL certificate with the Apache web server on Ubuntu 22.04.
      2 months agoBy Erin Glass, Jamon CamissoApacheSecurityUbuntu 22.04Ubuntu
    • Tutorial

      How To Set Up WireGuard on Ubuntu 22.04

      In this tutorial, you will set up WireGuard on an Ubuntu 22.04 server, and then configure another machine to connect to it as a peer using both IPv4 and IPv6 connections (commonly referred to as a dual stack connectio...
      2 months agoBy Jamon CamissoIPv6NetworkingVPNSecurityUbuntu 22.04Ubuntu
    • Tutorial

      How To Install and Secure Memcached on Ubuntu 22.04

      In this guide, you will install and configure a Memcached server. You’ll also add authentication to secure Memcached using Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL). Finally, you’ll learn how to bind Memcached t...
      2 months agoBy Jamon CamissoCachingFirewallInteractiveServer OptimizationUbuntu 22.04SecurityUbuntu