How does Facebook decide which ads to show young people?

We want to make sure everyone who uses Facebook sees ads that are appropriate and useful to them. All ads on our platforms must follow our Community Standards and Advertising Policies.
We have additional policies in place for ads shown to young people (those under 18 years old globally, under 20 in Thailand, and under 21 in Indonesia). For example, we limit the options advertisers can use to target young people. We don’t allow advertisers to select targeting based on interests, behaviors, or activity on other apps and websites when choosing to show their ads to young people. Advertisers can decide to include young people in their audience based only on age, gender and location. Some ad settings are therefore not relevant for younger people on our platforms, and are not made available until they are older.
To create a more personalized ad experience for adults who use our products, we give advertisers more options when they choose adults they want to see their ads. For example, an advertiser could choose to show their ads to people with certain interests or based on information that they, or other partners, share with us. This could include the products someone is interested in, websites they visited or Pages they interacted with on Facebook. Since advertisers have more options when reaching adults, these older audiences will have additional ad settings to manage their personalized ads experience.
Learn how Facebook decides which ads to show you, and how to adjust your ad preferences.
For all account holders, no matter what your age, your use of Facebook is governed by our Terms of Service.
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